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Tabletop S’mores

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Tabletop S'mores from

Goodness gracious – s’mores! If nothing else, summertime is for s’mores, isn’t it?! I happen to enjoy them year round, but they seem to be in peak season during the summer. I guess it has to do with all the campfires and beach bonfires.

Tabletop S'mores from

Well, I can’t just be waiting around for a beach day or a camping trip to enjoy a s’more. I need one when I need one! I often make stovetop s’mores at home when I get the hankering. I have even done living room culinary torch s’mores which my husband wasn’t too thrilled about… safety or whatever.

Tabletop S'mores from

We don’t have a fire pit in our backyard, which is definitely something we need to remedy! So I thought it would be fun to have mini fires on the table for tabletop s’mores. I always have a few sternos lying around which got me to thinking I could roast marshmallows over those. Thennnn I started wondering what a sterno is actually made of and if I would want my food touching that flame. See? I am concerned with safety sometimes (David!). So off to Google I went!

Tabletop S'mores from

It turns out I am not the first one to have this brilliant idea, and Sterno has answered the call with these cute little s’mores pots. They even have an entire adorable contraption to have your own tabletop s’mores. I wanted to make my little fires look like actual mini campfires, so I foraged in the forest of my backyard for sticks. I knew they would burn, but what I did not know was that they would immediately burst into flame! Check out that mini campfire! It lasted about 5 minutes before the sticks were ashes and we were left with just the sterno, but it was a fun five minutes!

Tabletop S'mores from

At least I got a few photos of my adorable mini campfire. These tabletop s’mores were fun to put together and fun to enjoy. Abby told me this was the best photoshoot I’ve ever done! Haha nice.

Tabletop S'mores from

Don’t forget – this week is #CookoutWeek and we have a fabulous giveaway for you! Tell me in the comments below: How many marshmallows do you use per s’more?! I am a firm believer that each s’more must contain 2 heavily roasted marshmallows.

Tabletop S'mores from

Tabletop S’mores


  • graham crackers
  • chocolate
  • marshmallows
  • skewers
  • Sterno S'mores Heat


  1. Place the graham crackers and chocolate on a platter for everyone to serve themselves.
  2. Skewer the marshmallows and set in a glass or on a platter.
  3. Place the sterno in the center of the table - away from anything flammable - and light. The sterno will burn for about 45 minutes. It does not have a visible flame, so use extreme caution and watch children closely!
  4. Roast marshmallows, and sandwich between 2 graham cracker squares with chocolate.

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24 thoughts on “Tabletop S’mores”

  1. Table top camp fires! What a great idea! This would a be a heck of a lot easier than building a large campfire. .. trying to find enough kindling can be tough in town!

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  2. It might be just me, but I must say I had no idea what s’mores were until I started blogging, since in the UK this amazing treat is not at all familiar. I know, we are missing out bit time. This is such a great way of having a fun time. Brilliant!


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