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Whole 30 Day 7

Whole 30 Day 7
Sunday, July 27

I am so itchy today! I’m not certain whether it’s a result of the heat and sweat, or if it has something to do with my Whole 30 relapse last night. I have eczema. I break out in rashes from time to time and the breakouts are always a gazillion times worse in the summer. If I sweat on a section of my body where there is something that could rub against my skin, I will get a rash there. For instance, I cannot wear necklaces in the summer because the back of my neck will break out with a rash. Often if I wear blue jeans I will get rashes around my hips where the top cuff of the pants sit. Before I began the Whole 30 I had several rashes in different places that were slowing disappearing with the help of hydrocortisone cream. They were nearly gone, and I have read that people with eczema notice clearer skin when they stop consuming dairy. The day before my Whole 30 was the last day that I applied topical steroids (hydrocortisone cream) because I wanted to see if it would clear up on its own with this new eating plan. It wasn’t exactly going away, but it also wasn’t getting worse, so I started counting that as a point for the Whole 30. Then today around mid-morning I started getting crazy itchy. My skin was on fire in every place that I had rashes. It was miserable. Was it the small amounts of sugar and dairy consumed last night? Or was it simply the super hot California day we had today? I’m not certain. I am still super itchy and I can’t stand it. So I’m off to slather my whole body with steroids and then head to bed. I have tried a few other natural remedies for eczema, but so far none have worked. I would love more ideas, though! I’m more than happy to get the topical steroids out of my home and off my body. Please leave a comment letting me know what has worked for you!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with crispy prosciutto, green juice.

Lunch: grilled chicken with salsa, grilled squash and zucchini, 1/2 an avocado with lime, watermelon.

Dinner: Pork Chile Verde, grilled red bell peppers, watermelon, canary melon.

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