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My Little Ponies Theme Party

My Little Ponies theme party from

I love the show My Little Ponies. I grew up playing with the toys and watching the show, but I don’t remember much about it from my childhood. It wasn’t until I had a My Little Ponies theme party to plan that I was introduced to the wonder that is this show. I watched many episodes in preparation for this party and I counted only two male characters.

My Little Ponies theme party from

Shining Armor, a prince that is quite overshadowed by his bride, Princess Cadance. Im pretty sure Canterlot is Cadance’s kingdom and Shining Armor is only a prince through marriage. He’s also the brother of one of the main characters. The other male is Macintosh, who only says, “a yep” and works in Sweet Apple Orchards.

My Little Ponies theme party from

All the main characters are female. There are no damsels in distress. When something bad or difficult happens, all the ponies come together to help their friend. There’s no men that come to the rescue. It’s a fun show about friendship, working together, and female woman power! Okay, maybe it isn’t a super feminist movement, but I think it sends great messages about friendship and standing on your own two feet, or four hooves.

My Little Ponies theme party from

So many shows and movies focus on a love story and a woman needing a man in one way or another, or they focus on being a princess. There is a princess in this show, but she is not the main character. There are six main ponies (pictured below) and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. They each at one time or another come to the rescue of their pony friends or need to be rescued themselves.

My Little Ponies theme party from
Applejack runs Sweet Apple Orchards where they make all manner of apple foods and beverages. She is strong and dependable as well as stubborn. She is the only pony with a different accent than the others. She speaks with a sort of southwestern accent.
My Little Ponies theme party from
Fluttershy is sweet and shy, but can be tough and stand up for the other ponies as needed. She takes care of the animals in Ponyville. She is a pegasus, which means she has wings and can fly, but is afraid of heights, so she prefers to stay on the ground and take care of the animals.
My Little Ponies theme party from
Pinkie Pie is the clown of the group. She is very funny and talkative as well as a but hyperactive and air-headed. She is silly and she loves sugar. She works at Sugarcube Corner, Ponyville’s bakery, and plans all the parties.
My Little Ponies theme party from
Rainbow Dash is the tomboy of the group. She can fly and is quite the daredevil. She loves doing flying tricks in the sky, and her job is to control the weather.
My Little Ponies theme party from
Rarity is very cheerful and sweet. She is fashionable and considers herself to be a lady. She often acts sophisticated, but is also very dramatic. During some episodes a chaise lounge will fly onto the screen to catch her as she faints. She runs the Carousel Boutique in Ponyville where she makes outfits for all her friends.
My Little Ponies theme party from
Twilight Sparkle is very studious. She lives in a library and is studying under Princess Celestia to constantly learn lessons about friendship. She can be quite neurotic, and takes it upon herself to be in charge of everyone else. She is the planner, the thinker, the problem solver. There are times when she has to be helped by the other ponies and it is always a lesson for her in humility

Party Details:

Canterlot Castle Bounce House was set up outside and Ponyville was set up inside.
Twilight Sparkle’s library (pictured at the top of this post) was available with all manner of magical books to peruse, including some My Little Pony comic books.
Rarity’s boutique was set up with clothing, jewelry and accessories for all party guests to dress up and have their photo taken.
Sugarcube Corner housed our dessert table, of course. With pink pink pink cupcakes as requested by Birthday Girl, marshmallows on sticks, and mini apple pies from Sweet Apple Orchards.
Sweet Apple Orchards also sent over some apple cider for the beverage display.
Pinkie Pie planned the menu with a good mix of party food staples, magical potions, and pony-friendly fare.

My Little Ponies theme party from

Chips and dip
Vegetable slices in cups with ranch dip already added. This makes it easier to pick up a snack with your hooves.
Triangle Tuna Sandwiches (the one thing Birthday Girl wanted)
Flower Tea Sandwiches
Rainbow Dash’s Fruity Rainbow
Apple Cider from Sweet Apple Orchards
Magical Pony Punch (a concoction created by Twilight Sparkle)
Mini Apple Pies
Pink Cupcakes

My Little Ponies theme party from

My Little Ponies theme party from

What’s that? Oh you won’t let me get away so easily with that little menu item called Magical Pony Punch? Hmm well okay. Here’s the deal. Twilight Sparkle studied long and hard to teach Birthday Girl a magical potion to dazzle and delight all her party guests. She started with a dark blue punch and magically turned it into a pretty pink punch! Oh that description isn’t enough for you? Then you’ll just have to come back and visit me here on Friday and I will reveal Birthday Girl’s secret!

My Little Ponies theme party from


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