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The Lorax Theme Party

The Lorax theme party from

“What was the Lorax?
And why was it there?
And why was it lifted and taken somewhere
from the far end of town where the Grickle-grass grows?
The old Once-ler still lives here.
Ask him. He knows.”

The Lorax theme party from

I read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss for the first time last year, and before I even finished the book I knew it would make a great party. As soon as I got the chance I set it up and invited all my young friends to come learn more about The Lorax. A Lorax theme party is a great birthday party for Dr. Seuss fans, or you know, fans of the Earth. It would also be so fun for an Earth Day party. If you haven’t yet read The Lorax and love the earth we live in, then you should read it. If you don’t love the earth we live in, well then, you should read it anyway! Maybe you’ll learn a little something about how better to care for this great planet that you call home. This is honestly one of my favorite books I have ever read, and I have many more ideas for a Lorax theme party than what you see here. This party was so much fun to put together that I want to do another one with even more things soon.

“…I first saw the trees!
The Truffula Trees!
The bright-colored tufts of the Truffula Trees!
Mile after mile in the fresh morning breeze.”

The Lorax theme party from

Everyone got to go home with their very own truffula tree. Our truffula trees were made out of yellow pencils, with black lines scribbled on by thick black markers, and topped with truffula tuft pom-poms in all different bright colors. (Use a hot glue gun to attach your truffula tufts to your pencil trunks.)

One beautiful truffula tree just wasn’t enough to give to these kids, so they also got an edible truffla tree for a snack! Actually, the tuft of the truffula trees are not edible, so everyone got take home an extra truffula tuft, but got to consume the Grickle-grass and the earth underneath which delightfully tasted of chocolate.

The Lorax theme party from

“And, under the trees, I saw Brown Bar-ba-loots
frisking about in their Bar-ba-loot suits
as they played in the shade and ate Truffula Fruits.”

Maybe truffula tufts aren’t edible, but Truffula Fruits certainly are, just ask the Brown Bar-ba-loots! We had an array of Truffula Fruits to choose from. All the bright colors to match the truffula tufts: mangoes, strawberries, grapes, oranges. You can choose any brightly-colored and delicious fruit to stand in as your truffula fruits. If you’re keen on sugary sweets for parties, then I suggest Skittles as Truffula Fruits, Teddy Grahams as Brown Bar-ba-loots, and Sweedish Fish as Humming-Fish.

The Lorax theme party from

In addition to truffula trees, everyone got to design and take home their own potting plant to go home and plant trees of their own. To remember the moral of The Lorax story and remind us to take care of this precious place we call home, every body was sent home with a rock that said UNLESS.

“…the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear.
UNLESS someone like you
cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.”

What is your favorite Earth-friendly story or Dr. Seuss book? Let’s make it into a party!

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