food and wine pairing

Here you'll find delicious recipes for any occasion. The perfect recipe is just minutes away!

Greeky Pizza with Red Blend Wine

Course five of my food and wine pairing dinner was a simple-to-make yet complex-in-flavor pizza paired with Project Paso 2010 Red Wine Blend.

Bacon Plates with Sweet Red Wine

I recently told you about my exciting gift of wine! I had in my possession six bottles of wine and six recipes with which to pair them. The best way I could think to tackle this challenge of pairing wines with recipes created especially for them was to host a dinner party with my friends. Armed with notepads and whetted appetites we began our culinary adventure with Smoking Loon Red Loonatic 2009 Sweet Red Wine. This wine was to be paired with an appetizer of bacon, dates, and bleu cheese. It actually came with a recipe that included three variations. Since this was going to be a six-course meal comprised of small plates I also had on the table a cheese platter that included elements from each course to nibble between servings (and pourings!)

Food and Wine Pairing

I started teaching myself about wine several years ago. I have many books and kits and favorite websites. I feel like I am pretty okay when it comes to choosing a nice wine to enjoy with my carefully crafted meal. I also feel like I still have a long way to go and so much more to learn. Wine is a complex and beautiful thing. Before the grapevines even break through the soil the impending wine is being crafted by the land from which it grows.