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iPhonetography Friday: Culinary School, Third Course

Look at that beautifully tall souffle!

My baking class was one of my favorite classes in school, probably because I did so well in it, that I decided to give it it’s own iPhonetography post instead of lumping it together with other posts. I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen, but my earliest, and most clear, kitchen memories involve baking. My mother is a fantastic baker and I am pretty good, too, if I do say so myself. I already knew many baking basics and recipes, but I also learned a lot in this class. I earned the title “Number One” from my table group in baking because they always came to me with questions (for some reason they wouldn’t call me “captain” or “your majesty”). That worked out quite well since I had to ask them for help in our other classes.

Something Sinfully Rich, Chocolatey and Amazing

I taught you the other day how to have a successful girls night.  One of the key components is to have something sinfully rich, chocolatey and amazing for dessert.  Here is the perfect solution.  I originally saw this recipe over on Recipe Girl.  It was love at first sight!  My salivary glands became activated immediately upon seeing that title and first photo.  As I read more about this chocolate wonder and skimmed the recipe I knew I just had to make it mine!

Pizza With The Girls

To have a successful girls night start with the four most fabulous women you know! Add a little wine.  Paint each other’s nails, gossip, and laugh until you cry!

Grandmothers and Apricots

My maternal grandmother has been on my mind a lot recently.  For the past few months, actually. I’m not sure why.  I guess everything just reminds me of her lately.  She died in June 2009 within just a week of her birthday.    She was also married just a few weeks after her birthday in July.  Her father wouldn’t let her get married until she was sixteen so she married my grandfather a few days after her birthday. Sixteen.  It was the 1950s.  I got married at 23 and that feels young.  I can’t imagine getting married at sixteen-years-old.