I was born and raised in beautiful Orange County, California where I lived until I moved to Seattle, Washington with my late husband. You can read more about Jon, his passing, and my new husband David. In early 2010, after Jon’s sudden death, I moved back to California, back into my old bedroom at my mom’s house, back to my roots. Here I will stay until the day that I die (Orange County in general – not inside my mom’s house).

I got lucky enough to fall in love twice. I’m now married to David, and he brought with him two fabulous little ladies, Abby and Katie. Together we brought Henry into our home.

Jon’s death was a catalyst for major changes in my own life. I moved, I stoped working, I traveled alone to Italy, I enrolled in culinary school, I started working in a field I had no prior experience in. Now I am a chef, food photographer, and food blogger. I love it!

I started helping my mom in the kitchen when I was a young girl with extremely picky tendencies. Plain pasta, plain corn, buttered bread. Those were the mainstays of my diet. I never tried new foods if I could help it. I once cried when my grandmother served me pasta with sauce on it for dinner. These days, I will try everything at least twice. (The first encounter could be a fluke). Go ahead, challenge me. I have eaten the innards of various animals, snails, frog legs, rocky mountain oysters, prawn brains, pig eyeball. Hey, I didn’t say I’ve enjoyed everything!

My favorite place is in the kitchen. Preparing grand feasts, setting up parties, experimenting with new recipes, and photographing food. There is no greater joy than to cook for people and see them enjoying the food and company.

I love sweets and take after my paternal grandmother in that, “If I don’t have dessert I don’t feel like I’ve eaten.”

If Jon’s death taught me anything, it’s that life is too short and unpredictable. We need to cherish the time and people that we have now. I strive to celebrate the everyday. I like making dinner special for my family and friends. I love throwing parties and feeding the masses. I certainly have my share of grumpy days, but I hope that my children will look back on our lives together and remember the joy, laughter, and great food we shared.