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Plant, Cook, Eat!

A homegrown family dinner menu inspired by the children’s cookbook Plant, Cook, Eat!

Our Family Dinner Book Club theme for the year is Social-Emotional Learning! This month we’re learning about making health and wellness a priority with Plant, Cook, Eat! by Joe Archer and Caroline Craig. To accompany this themed dinner menu, Growing Book by Book has a reading list of additional books as well as conversation starters, and Sunny Day Family shares a selection of crafts.

This cookbook takes kids and adults through the lifecycle and care of plants that can be harvested and turned into foods. When kids have responsibility for growing and choosing the foods they eat, they are much more likely to try new things and be excited about healthy foods. There are plenty of great recipes to choose from for this month’s book club. Enjoy flipping through the pages together and picking out your favorites.

Here is an additional menu for you to use!

Plant, Cook, Eat!
Family Dinner Book Club

Pesto Pasta w/Chicken
Colorful Fruit Salad
Roasted Carrots and Zucchini
Honey Vanilla Lemonade

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