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Your Name is a Song dinner menu

A back to school dinner menu inspired by the book Your Name Is A Song by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow.

White craft paper table runner in the center of a brown wood table. The table runner has black music notes and dotted lines drawn on it, crayons scattered, and colorful paper letters scattered. This is a Family Dinner Book Club dinner menu from

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Our Family Dinner Book Club theme for the year is Celebrations! This month we’re celebrating Back to School with Your Name Is A Song by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow. To accompany this themed dinner menu, Growing Book by Book has a reading list of additional books. Sunny Day Family shares a selection of crafts to help celebrate.

Your Name is a Song is a book about a little girl on her first day of school. Her name is hard to pronounce for the teacher and kids in her classroom. She has a rough first day. That afternoon, her mom helps her find the beauty and music in not just her name, but all names. She is ready to return the next day and share her newfound knowledge and skill with the classroom.

Overhead shot of a table set with a white craft paper table runner. The table runner is decorated with music notes, dotted lines, crayons, and colorful paper letters. The food set on the table is pizza, carrot sticks, ranch dip, apple slices, and chocolate milk.

Since we’re celebrating back to school with this book club pick, I thought it appropriate to create a classic school cafeteria lunch to enjoy.

Your Name Is A Song
Family Dinner Book Club

Rectangle Pizza
Apple Slices
Carrot Sticks with Ranch Dip
Chocolate Milk

Three short glasses of chocolate milk are in focus in the foreground. They are set on a white paper table runner decorated with colorful paper letters.

Get the Kids Involved in this Your Name is a Song book club

-Table runner is made from a long piece of white craft paper.
-Draw music notes and dotted lines to practice spelling your own names.
-Have crayons available for more writing and drawing on the table runner during dinner and story time.
-Paper cut out letters are great to physically pick up the letters and move them around to create all sorts of names and words.

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