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Freedom Soup dinner menu

A Haitian-inspired dinner menu to accompany children’s book Freedom Soup by Tami Charles.

Overhead shot of Haitian food menu to accompany children's book Freedom Soup.

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Our Family Dinner Book Club theme for the year is Celebrations! This month we’re celebrating the New Year with Freedom Soup by Tami Charles. To accompany this themed dinner menu, Growing Book by Book has a reading list of additional books as well as talking points to get the conversation started. Sunny Day Family shares a selection of crafts to help celebrate.

Overhead shot three bowls of Soup Joumou from the book Freedom Soup.

Freedom Soup by Tami Charles is a glimpse into the Haitian traditions for the New Year, which also happens to be Haiti’s Independence Day! Each year, Haitian families around the world celebrate with a dish called Freedom Soup.

Overhead shot platter of Caramelized Mushroom Loto Rice.

I love the imagery in this book with the girl and her grandmother cooking and dancing together. These are the kind of lifelong memories we get when we cook and enjoy meals together.

Overhead shot serving dish of fried sweet potatoes.

The recipe for Freedom Soup is in the back of the book, so I will not be linking it here. You’ll have to check out this book from your local library or purchase for your home collection. Tami Charles has included a mild and very kid-friendly version of the recipe to accommodate those whose palates cannot handle the traditional heat of Haitian cuisine.

Overhead shot Condensed Milk Cake with a slice removed.

As I was finding and testing recipes for this menu, I came up short of many typical Haitian ingredients. I have two menus to share today. One that is linked to various sources across the internet provided by Haitian cooks. The other is a collection of my own recipes inspired by the dishes of Haiti that I altered to fit the type of ingredients readily available to me here in the United States during winter.

Freedom Soup
Family Dinner Book Club
Menu (Haitian-Inspired Recipes)

Freedom Soup (Get the recipe in the back of the book!)
Fried Sweet Potatoes
Caramelized Mushroom Loto
Condensed Milk Cake

Freedom Soup
Family Dinner Book Club
Menu (Authentic Haitian Recipes)

Soup Joumou (Freedom Soup – recipe in back of book)
Fritay Patat
Diri ak Djon Djon
Gateau au Beurre

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