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Shrek dinner menu

A family dinner menu inspired by the book and films Shrek.

Overhead shot of a Shrek-themed family dinner menu.

This year, our Family Dinner Book Club theme is Books and Movies Through the Ages. This month is the 1990s with Shrek by William Steig. Growing Book By Book has a booklist and conversation starters for you. Sunny Day Family created a cute craft just for the occasion!

Shrek is a story about a swamp-dwelling ogre on a mission to save a princess. The book came out in 1990 and, as usual, is a bit different than the movies. In the book, a witch sends Shrek off to rescue the princess and gives him the magic word “Apple Strudel”. In the movies, Shrek compares ogres to onions as they both have layers.

I think you see where this is heading…

Green juice with lychee "eyeballs" garnish.

Of course we will be enjoying onions with our Family Dinner Book Club meal! Shrek eats raw onions, Shrek is like an onion, we will also eat and be like onions. Whole Roasted Onions caramelize in the oven and become sweet and creamy. Adding balsamic vinegar and thyme rounds out the flavor profile to make this a delightful side dish.

Roasted white and purple onions in a yellow baking dish.

Apple Strudel is the magic word in the book Shrek, and also the magic dish to get my kids to eat dinner! Strudel is a German word meaning whirlpool, and is the perfect description of this rolled pastry.

Overhead shot of sliced apple strudel.

Shrek roasts rats on a spit for himself and Princess Fiona to eat. Our rats go by a different name: Tandoori Chicken on a Stick. This chicken comes out super tender and flavorful. If your family is sensitive to spicy flavors, then you can omit the cayenne pepper from the spice rub. Maggots (rice) accompany the roasted rats.

Tandoori Chicken "weed rat" on a stick.

Shrek’s Swamptini is the fanciest drink with an eyeball in it for garnish. These eyeballs are made from lychee and blueberries. The Swamptini is a green apple juice made with spinach and fruit.

You can’t have a Shrek dinner without more green foods! Broccoli and asparagus is where it’s at for our family.

Horizontal overhead shot of a family dinner menu based on the book and movies Shrek.

What is your family’s favorite part of the Shrek book and movies?!

Family Dinner Book Club

Weed Rat on a Stick (Tandoori Chicken)
Maggots (rice)
Whole Roasted Onions
Swamptini with Eyeball Garnish
Apple Strudel

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