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James and the Giant Peach dinner menu

A peachy family dinner menu to accompany the children’s book and film James and the Giant Peach.

Overhead shot of a dinner menu to accompany the children's book James and the Giant Peach.

This year, our Family Dinner Book Club theme is Books and Movies Through the Ages. This month is the 1950s with James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Growing Book By Book has a booklist and conversation starters for you. Sunny Day Family created a cute craft just for the occasion!

Small grey bowl filled with fresh peach salsa

James and the Giant Peach is all about… well a peach! James accidentally adds some magic to a peach tree and the rest is history! Of course I had to make a full peach menu for this book. Right? Right.

Photo of a Peach Aqua Fresca drink.

What Peachy Goodness Do We Have Here?

Peach Salsa – Super fresh, a nice mix of sweet and savory, can be spicy if you choose. This is a wonderful summer dish to top fish, chicken, or vegetarian tacos. Big kids can help with the chopping and little kids can help mix.

Vegetarian Tacos – These don’t have any peaches in them, they’re just the tasty vehicle for the Peach Salsa! Serve with all your favorite flavors: cilantro, cheese, cabbage, limes, hot sauce, etc…

Overhead shot 3 vegetarian tacos on a plate with peach slices.

Peach Agua Fresca – My kids LOVE watermelon agua fresca (they call it watermelon juice). This peach version is lightly sweet with tons of fresh peach flavor. Kids will enjoy plunking the fresh peaches into the blender, dusting with sugar, and watching the tasty beverage blend up.

Peach Cobbler – A classic by any other name wouldn’t taste as sweet. You can’t go wrong with sweet peaches enveloped by a warm chewy crust! This one just happens to be gluten free, too. Baking is a really great activity to do with kids. They can measure, pour, mix, and of course lick the spoon!

Peach cobbler with a serving spoon removing a portion.

James and the Giant Peach
Family Dinner Book Club

Vegetarian Tacos
-veggie taco mix, corn tortillas, cabbage, queso fresco, cilantro
Peach Salsa
Peach Aqua Fresca
Peach Cobbler

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