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Stuart Little dinner menu

Enjoy this family dinner menu of mega-sized foods to accompany the children’s book and movie Stuart Little by E.B.White.

This year, our Family Dinner Book Club theme is Books and Movies Through the Ages. This month is the 1940s with Stuart Little by E.B.White. Growing Book By Book has a booklist and conversation starters for you. Sunny Day Family created a cute craft just for the occasion!

Stuart Little is a mouse born to a people family. Or rather, he is “quite like a mouse”. Since Stuart is so little, everything seems mega sized to him. Our dinner menu consists of foods that are much larger than usual so that perhaps we can get a feel for what meals might be like for Stuart. Your kids eyes when they see the mega cinnamon roll is probably the most fun part!

So what mega foods should we enjoy in honor of Stuart Little?

Mega Cinnamon Roll – This is easier than you might think. Use your favorite cinnamon roll recipe, cut into four long strips, and roll into one mega roll!

Mega Omelet – 12 eggs come together in this oversized version of a breakfast classic.

Mega Bacon – Okay this one didn’t turn out so mega. I tried overlapping bacon and cooking it in the oven, hoping that it would stick together and make mega slices. It didn’t exactly pan out. It was still mega tasty!

Stuart Little
Family Dinner Book Club

Mega Cinnamon Roll
Mega Omelet
Mega Bacon

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