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Peter Pan dinner menu

A family dinner menu to accompany the children’s classic Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.

This year, our Family Dinner Book Club theme is Books and Movies Through the Ages. This month is the 1910s with Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Growing Book By Book has a booklist and conversation starters for you. Sunny Day Family created a cute craft just for the occasion!

“The difference between him and the other boys at such a time was that they knew it was make-believe, while to him make-believe and true were exactly the same. This sometimes troubled them, as when they had to make believe that they had had their dinners.”

Peter Pan is a boy who never wants to grow up, and he wants his friends to also never grow up. Make-believe is his entire life. He lives in the extravagant and fantastical Neverland with the Lost Boys.

Peter Pan brings Wendy to Neverland to be the mother to all the Lost Boys. She mends their clothes, cooks their dinners, and tells them bedtime stories.

When planning this Peter Pan dinner menu, I knew I had to make Wendy proud, and it also needed to be a fantastical feast that might only exist in make-believe.

Have you seen the 1991 film Hook? I can’t count how many times my brothers and I watched it as children. There is a scene in the movie where the grown-up Peter Pan is finally remembering how to use his imagination and remembering that he used to be the fearless leader of the Lost Boys.

Once Peter Pan uses his imagination at the dinner table, there is a magnificent feast laid out before all the Lost Boys… and then an epic food fight ensues!

This dinner menu is inspired by that feast. There is something for everyone on this dinner table.

Peter Pan
Family Dinner Book Club

Honey Garlic Chicken
Beef Stew
Mashed Potatoes
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Pasta with Meat Sauce
Fruit and Nut Platter

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