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Maddi’s Fridge dinner menu

A family dinner menu that is good for kids (and good for backpacks, too) to accompany the children’s book Maddi’s Fridge by Lois Brandt.

Overhead shot of dinner menu featuring burritos to accompany the children's book Maddi's Fridge

This month’s Family Dinner Book Club is about hunger. How can we help others in our communities who don’t have regular access to this basic need of food? Our lead book is Maddi’s Fridge by Lois Brandt. Go check out Growing Book by Book for a full reading list, conversation starters, and family service project ideas. Then head over to Sunny Day Family for a family activity.

bowl of roasted cauliflower

Maddi’s Fridge follows the story of two best friends who play together every day. Sofia learns that Maddi’s family doesn’t have much food and desperately wants to help her friend.

dish of orange mexican-style rice

Maddi doesn’t want anyone to know about her empty fridge, so Sofia begins bringing foods to school in her backpack to share with Maddi. After a few failed attempts, Sofia finally figures out a food that will travel well in her backpack to share with her friend at school.

platter of rolled burritos

This month’s dinner menu is good for kids, and good for backpacks, too. Burritos do travel well when wrapped in foil, and they reheat beautifully. You can customize the fillings to suit the dietary needs and preferences of your family.

plate of chocolate chip cookies

I like to make all the burrito ingredients and set everything out on the table so that each person can fill their own burritos. Our older two are 9 and 11, and they still need help rolling their burritos so the filling doesn’t just spill out. Our youngest is 3, and he usually gets a deconstructed burrito.

Flatlay shot of burrito dinner menu

However you serve them, burritos have the potential to be well-rounded meals in themselves. Ours usually have beans, meat, cheese, and a sauce inside. Add some roasted veggies or a salad to the table to get even more nutrients in the meal.

Maddi’s Fridge
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Chocolate Chip Cookies

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