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Mother Daughter Date Night

A menu to be shared between mothers and daughters, inspired by the ladies of The PinterTest Kitchen.

Mother Daughter Date Night menu from

I’ve been following The PinterTest Kitchen for a few years now, and have joined in several events they have hosted. It is a Mother-Daughter-Daughter Trio who run this food blog. Isn’t that such a fun way to stay connected with one another?! These ladies seem to have a tight bond. They even worked together to cater Allison’s wedding! That is something we have in common – David and I catered our own wedding as well, with the help of friends and family. I will be catering my sister’s wedding this summer, too!

Mother Daughter Date Night menu from

These ladies enjoy wine! What’s not to love right off the bat? They have many recipes calling for wine, and even a Wine and Holiday Cookie pairing guide! They also love chocolate – Choctoberfest anyone?! Yes please. Also, they have lots of PINK recipes! Since I apparently only know how to make pink/red cocktails, I think I fit right in with the PinterTest family, don’t you agree?

Mother Daughter Date Night menu from

So we’re having a mother-daughter date night! It’s kinda like Girls Night, but with your mom! The menu consists of recipes shared by each lady from the family, a wine pairing, and a cocktail inspired by my own mom and grandma! I hope you approve Sharon, Jess and Allison! (psst: follow them on Pinterest!)

Mother Daughter Date Night menu from

Mother Daughter Date Night

Butter-Poached Shrimp and Scallops (from Allison)
-served on top of garlic sauteed greens
Chunky Potato Corn Chowder (from Sharon)
Grandma’s Chocolate Frosted Brownies (from Jess + Grandma)
Dry Riesling
Spiced Up Vodka Cranberry Cocktail (recipe below)

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