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Victorian-Inspired Table Setting

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A Victorian-Inspired Table Setting adds a touch of elegance to any dinner party.

Victorian Inspired Table Setting from

This table setting was actually inspired by Dracula. It was the movie of the month a while back, I made a whole 5-course dinner to go with it, but the photo didn’t really turn out. I guess I’ll just have to host this dinner again soon!

Victorian Inspired Table Setting from

In the Victorian Era, every dinner was a more formal affair than what we have now. It was typical for wealthy families to enjoy a 5-course meal nightly, with weekend dinner parties reaching 15 to 20 courses! Can you imagine sitting for a 20 course meal, with different wines throughout the evening? It sounds so fancy and extravagant.

Victorian Inspired Table Setting from

This is where the term “soup to nuts” comes from. Soup was typically the first course, with nuts being set around the table to munch on alongside coffee as the evening winds down. The remaining courses were a vegetable or two, a protein, a starch, and finally a salad as a palate cleanser before the rich dessert.

Victorian Inspired Table Setting from

Break out your prettiest dishes, a muted floral tablecloth, and as many wine and champagne glasses as you can get your hands on. Set up a Victorian-inspired table setting for your next dinner party… I would set a fancy dress code, too.

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