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Guac Off!

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My family has been turning food into games for many years now. Sometimes it’s a food challenge to see who can stand the hottest pepper, or eat the most saltines at once. Other times it’s a food-off, where we all make our own version of the same dish and have a competition to see which is the tastiest. The best part about these is that everybody votes for themselves! So we end up with a 5-way tie. haha. It is always fun to learn everybody’s preferences and see how they all make their own favorite foods, or incorporate their favorite flavors into the dish.

Guac Off from

Most recently, during our monthly birthday celebration, we had a guac off! It was a pool party at my brother’s house where he grilled quesadillas. (Aside: have you ever had a grilled quesadilla?! Beyond.) While we were planning the menu, a few different people said they would bring guacamole at the same time. Of course that immediately turned into a guac off! P.S. You have to aways say and write it with an exclamation point: guac off!

Guac Off from

You can set up a guacamole bar like I did here, and everybody can make their own individual bowl of guacamole using their favorite flavors. You can stick with the basics, or you can go all out and include ingredients like corn, sun dried tomatoes, and goat cheese. Of course, your ingredients offering will be determined by your passion for guac. My husband, for example, would never allow something with goat cheese mixed in to be called guacamole.

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