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The Incredibles

A superhero dinner menu inspired by the film The Incredibles.

The Incredibles menu from

This month’s Food n Flix film is The Incredibles and is hosted by Simply Inspired Meals. The Incredibles is such a fun movie that has definitely held the test of time. It even has a sequel 14 years later! David and the girls went and saw The Incredibles 2 last week while we were vacationing with friends. They all loved it, and I’m sure I will, too. For now, though, my inspiration is coming from the original flick, but I bet this menu works with either.

The Incredibles menu from

Okay so what do we have here? The incredibles are superheroes in disguise. They spend much time disguised as normal people, and then while doing superhero activities they wear masks to protect their identities. So. Foods disguised as other foods. Pizza disguised as Panini, and Chocolate Chip Cookies disguised as Ice Cream Bowls. We’re rounding it out with a super healthy superhero salad made up of super foods!

Of course, whenever you get the chance, you must make a logo out of the ingredients you have available.

The Incredibles menu from

The Incredibles
Dinner Menu
Pizza Panini Bar
Superhero Salad
Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cups

The Incredibles menu from

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  1. Great inspiration from the movie. I didn’t get an email from you so you were not included in the round up but if you want to be added, I’m happy to include you. Just send me an email (see Food ‘n Flix site for what’s required). Thanks


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