Heart-Shaped Soft Pretzels from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

Heart-Shaped Soft Pretzels are all the rage right now, didn’t you know?! I made these for Abby’s class Valentine’s Day celebration, and then again for my Love-themed menu for Family Dinner Book Club. Definitely serve these with cheese fondue or nacho cheese sauce. You can do mustard if you swing that way. I know that’s a winning flavor combination for many people, but I am not a mustard lover!

Heart-Shaped Soft Pretzels from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

So how do you take your pretzels? Cheese or mustard? Salt or no salt? I like them salted and with nacho cheese sauce the best. Growing up, in my pickier days, I would ask for the pretzel salted and then pick off the salt because I thought that was too much salt. Hahaha.

Heart-Shaped Soft Pretzels from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

You can shape these pretzels into anything you want. I think the hearts are darling, but you can also do normal pretzel twists, mini bites, or knots. If you invent a new pretzel shape I would love to see it! I bet a cat head would be fairly simple. Unicorn head? Poop emoji? See, the sky is the limit.


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