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Butterfly 1st Birthday

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Butterfly 1st Birthday from

Emilia turned ONE so we threw her a pretty in purple butterfly 1st birthday party. Elyse is a genius so she plans her children’s birthday party themes around their bedroom decor so she can reuse the hand made party decorations. The giant paper flowers from Madeline’s 1st birthday? They are now on her bedroom walls. The beautiful hanging wreaths from this party are now hanging from Emilia’s bedroom ceiling. She is the fanciest baby.

Butterfly 1st Birthday from

When you get around to child number three, like Elyse and I each have, you get a little worn out! We still love throwing parties, making decorations, and cooking up a storm, but the birthday parties we throw for our own children have become a bit low key in the past two years. Emilia’s butterfly 1st birthday party was still gorgeous, included homemade decor and food, but we didn’t go crazy with the activities and favor bags this time around. Don’t worry, Emilia will be plenty demanding in about two years and will tell us exactly what she wants for her birthday party. She’ll get the bigger soiree when she can actually participate and remember it!

Butterfly 1st Birthday from

It was really nice to sit around and enjoy the company of the party guests instead of corralling children and managing activities. The children still ran around like wild monkeys, screamed, and partied hard. But the parents got to just sit, eat, and watch them. Take it from us Moms of Three: sitting and eating is way more enjoyable than running around!

Butterfly 1st Birthday from

Butterfly 1st Birthday
Butterfly-shaped PB&J Sandwiches
Tuscan Chicken Pasta Salad
Berry Salad with Grapes
Cheese Platter
Blueberry Lemonade
Birthday Cake
-chocolate bottom layer, funfetti top layer, buttercream frosting

Butterfly 1st Birthday from

Photos by Elyse Anne Maria.

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