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Heart Doilies Tablescape

Love, Love, Love!
Love, Love, Love!

The theme this month is LOVE! We’re reading Love by Matt de la Peña for Family Dinner Book Club. Our menu included heart shaped pretzels, and fun fondue with all the dippers.

Part of me wanted to go wild with hearts and pinks for this month’s tablescape, but then I got to making these heart doilies out of my extra paper napkins and I just couldn’t stop. I even did shapes other than hearts (like when you make snowflakes). I filled my table with all the heart doilies and decided I liked the simplicity of the craft as well as the tablescape.

I really liked all the different colors and designs of napkins I had on hand, too. The more colors you have, the more colorful and bright your tablescape will be!

How to Make Heart Doilies out of Paper Napkins
You Will Need:
Square folded paper napkins

Start with the folded corner of the napkin facing you.
Fold the right corner over to the left corner to make a triangle.
Fold the new left corner over to the long side of the triangle, lining up the sides evenly, to make a skinnier triangle. The bottom tip of the triangle should be a sharp point, and the top will be uneven.
The folded side of the triangle will be the center of your heart.
Cut the top of the triangle into an arch to form a half heart shape, making sure to keep at least 1/4 inch of the folds in tact so the hearts stick together.
Cut the bottom tip of the triangle on the diagonal to form the bottom tip of a heart.
Carefully unfold your heart into a circular heart doily! Experiment with different shapes and sizes of hearts as well as different sized napkins.

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