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Rustic Hanukkah Tablescape

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This is our first Hanukkah as an official Jewish household – since David converted in May, but it is our third celebrating and learning all about the holiday and traditions. I shared one of our Hanukkah menus the other day, so of course we needed a tablescape to accompany. I’m calling it a rustic Hanukkah tablescape because it is simple, and it incorporates sticks! I think anything that utilizes items from your backyard automatically becomes classified as rustic.

Rustic Hanukkah Tablescape from

I loved the glitter tree centerpiece from our Family Under the Bridge book club, and as soon as I saw it I just knew it would look perfect with our silver/white and blue colors of Hanukkah!

I am hearing from Abby and Katie almost daily that it’s not fair that I am playing with sticks and putting them on our dinner table, because normally I tell them that sticks live outside. Haha! I honestly don’t remember making that a rule, but it does sound like me, so who knows. The new rule is that if you can make them pretty and they don’t just fall to pieces and get everywhere, then you can bring sticks into the house!

Rustic Hanukkah Tablescape from

I used my white linen table runner here, and placed some of the candles directly on top of it. A miss match of candle holders and some without holders adds to the rusticness, doesn’t it? Hanukkah is the festival of lights so I used all the white candles I had available to make our table shine.

Of course, your Hanukkah table must have gelt scattered generously! Check out the rustic Hanukkah tablescape photos, and then tell me: how do you celebrate your winter holiday?!

Rustic Hanukkah Tablescape from

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