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Mexican-Inspired Christmas Tablescape

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Mexican-Inspired Christmas Tablescape from

We’re getting ready for our Too Many Tamales feast with Family Dinner Book Club, but first let’s set up our festive tablescape! Too Many Tamales features a Mexican family getting ready to celebrate Christmas.

Mexican-Inspired Christmas Tablescape from

I researched Mexican Christmas traditions, and found that typical colors are vibrant rainbow colors for this season. The piñata was originally a Christmas tradition, and it was a 7 pointed star. Piñatas were filled with peanuts and candies. I made miniature piñatas for each plate and filled them with peanuts, candies, and small toys.

Mexican-Inspired Christmas Tablescape from

The kids and I learned how to make papel picado, and had fun making so many different designs. Some of them are Christmas themed, and some are not. Do yourself a favor and do a quick Google search for papel picado so you can see the impressive and intricate designs some artists some up with.

Mexican-Inspired Christmas Tablescape from

Finally, our table is filled with mini gifts. We used colorful tissue paper to wrap up candies, small toys, and small Christmas tree ornaments so guests to unwrap while waiting for the delicious festivities to begin.

Mexican-Inspired Christmas Tablescape from

What special Christmas traditions does your family have?

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