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Space Party

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We love outer space in this house! Henry’s room is a space theme, any time we see anything with planets or stars on them, we buy it instantly. David likes to tell the girls about how we’re all made from star stuff. It’s all about space here for us, so it was only a matter of time before I threw a space themed party.

Space Party from

Decor: sparkly stars everywhere! Sparkly stars confetti made our table runner, which was topped with felt rockets. Everyone got a package of space stickers in their goodie bags, and we used one to make a photo backdrop. We crumpled up aluminum foil to use as placemats, with black plates on top.

Space Party from

Activity: Nebula jars served as both an extended activity that kept the kids busy for a while, and they got to take them home so they were added to the favor bags.

Favors: in addition to their handmade nebula jars, and sticker packets, each party attendee received a little package of star-shaped gummy candies, and glow necklaces.

Space Party from

Food: We kept it simple for the food. Of course we carried the space theme into the food! We served a Sandwich Bar so everyone could make their own little meal. We used cookie cutters to make the cheese into star shapes. A melon baller made us a planetary fruit salad. We even had a cheeseball made from the sun! Or a sun made from a cheeseball. Complete with orbiting planets and stars. How fun is that?!

Space Party from

Space Party from

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