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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pizookie

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pizookie from

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If this is the first time you are seeing the term Pizookie, or the first time you are seeing a giant cookie piled up with ice cream, then I am so sorry. So sorry that you have missed out on this gloriousness for so long. But here you are! You get to make one for yourself now! The only rule about pizookies is that you must consume is as quickly out of the oven as possible. The ice cream should already be melting by the time you start scooping it up with your spoon.

I normally go for the chocolate chip pizookie at restaurants and at home, but when I was planning recipes for Choctoberfest, I knew what I had to do. Swap 1/2 cup of the flour in my tried and true chocolate chip cookies recipe for cocoa powder. Oh yeah. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pizookie.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pizookie from

Abby and Katie had just finished their evening showers before bedtime and were getting ready to brush their teeth when I stopped them. I sternly asked them if they had brushed their teeth, and they gave me the honest answer of “no”! So I told them I was glad because I needed their help mixing cookie dough. Stepmom of the year right here. They got to sample the chocolate chips, and then each got to lick a beater. Then straight to bed! They get to stay up in their rooms for 30 minutes to read before lights out. So those poor sad children had to smell this baking while trying to settle in for the evening. I scooped out a few regular sized cookies and baked those before making the official pizookie so they each got a cookie in their school lunches the next day. I’m telling ya: Stepmom of the year!

Definitely drizzle the ice cream with some chocolate sauce if that’s something you have on hand. Gotta get as much chocolate in as possible, right?!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pizookie from

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