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Vietnamese-Inspired Tablescape

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Vietnamese Quilled Tablescape from

While planning the menu and tablescape for our Grandfather’s Dream family dinner book club, I came across this paper craft called quilling. Every design I saw looked so pretty with the rolled papers. I immediately wanted to incorporate the craft into my tablescape. I came across a star that is made by combining 5 teardrop shapes. The Vietnamese flag is a yellow star on a red background. So here we are with a very loose and artistic liberty interpretation of the Vietnamese flag. A yellow quilled star (with some added flare) amongst red quilled spirals.

Vietnamese Quilled Tablescape from

There are special quilling papers and tools, but I wasn’t about to go purchase a brand new hobby. I took red and yellow cardstock paper, cut it into 1/2 inch strips, and used a regular old pencil to wrap it around. It was easy to do, and a fun craft to keep my hands busy while watching tv.

Vietnamese Quilled Tablescape from

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