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Secondhand Lions

Oven Ribs + All the Fixins from

I love to eat pigs, and I love to eat them slathered in homemade BBQ sauce! I have my own favorite that I use on my slow cooker pulled pork, and it works perfectly on these oven ribs, too. Don’t have a smoker? No problem! Ribs cooked in the oven come out just as fall-off-the-bone tender as ever. This menu was inspired by the film Secondhand Lions which was chosen by Fictional Fare for the August Food n Flix pic. I watched the film, cooked my menu, and shot these photos with plenty of time to post, but then life got in the way so I didn’t get my stuff turned in to make it into the roundup. Whomp Whomp!

I still wanted to post this menu anyway because the film was such a great choice! I remember watching it when it first came out, but didn’t remember much about it. Its a great coming of age story, as well as a testament to the importance of keeping track of our relationships with the elders in our family. Secondhand Lions is a great family film that I will definitely be adding to our movie night list once the girls are old enough to watch.

Oven Ribs with All the Fixins
menu inspired by Secondhand Lions

Oven Ribs
Corn on the Cob
Sliced Bread
Mashed Potatoes
Macaroni and Cheese
Cole Slaw
Sweet Tea

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