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Henry’s 1st Year

Henry's 1st Year - Birth -
Henry Alexander Eagle
Born 8-17-16, 10:43pm
8 Pounds 7 Ounces, 20.5 Inches

I had a baby, and he turned 1! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Henry has grown and developed so much, and it has been an indescribable joy to witness his life. I super totally love being his mommy and can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Scroll down to check out his monthly photos and stats!

Henry's 1st Year - 1 Month -
1 Month. 11 Pounds 8 Ounces 22.5 Inches
Henry is so easygoing and super cuddly. He spent his first night home from the hospital screaming his head off, turning bright red, and completely freaking out his parents. We finally figured out that he just loves to eat!

2 Months. 15 Pounds 24.25 Inches
(I forgot to take 2 month photos with Henry’s lamb toy – whoops. So this will have to do.)
Henry has lost most of his newborn hair, but still has 5 long hair on the very top of his head!

Henry's 1st Year - 3 Month -
3 Months. 17.3 Pounds 25 Inches
This peacefully sleeping baby does not enjoy tummy time. I tried to make this 3 month photo a tummy time photo, and Henry just cried until I flipped him onto his back! Poor baby.

Henry's 1st Year - 4 Month -
4 Months. 18.3 Pounds 26.25 Inches
Henry found his feet, babbled at them for a while, and then stuck them in his mouth! I can tell when he is finally in a deep sleep when he cracks a tiny little smile or giggles. Then I can put him down and get some work done.

Henry's 1st Year - 5 Month -
5 Months. 20.5 Pounds 27.5 Inches
Henry loves bouncing in his activity bouncer, playing on his activity mat, and climbing all over Mommy and Daddy. He has learned that he is part pterodactyl and is learning the language of loud squawking. Henry cut his first two teeth – 2 days apart from each other.

Henry's 1st Year - 6 Month -
6 Months. 20.5 Pounds 27.5 Inches
Henry is super active and all over the place. He has learned how to scoot, crawl, and pull himself up! Henry has started eating solids! He loves to play with everything we put in front of him, but isn’t really eating anything yet. His first meal was broccoli, steamed apple, steamed carrots, and avocado. No purees here – Baby Led Weaning al the way! Teeth numbers 3 and 4 joined the party this month – again 2 days apart from each other.

Henry's 1st Year - 7 Month -
7 Months. 22 Pounds 27.5 Inches
Henry loves to talk: Dadada, Gagagaga, Uhuhuh. He loves Errol, our dog, and feeds him every chance he gets. Oy with the teeth! Numbers 5 and 6 popped through together on the same day.

Henry's 1st Year - 8 Month -
8 Months. 23 Pounds 28 Inches
Henry crawls all over, but not on his hands and knees. He bear crawls up on his feet. I think he looks like a little gorilla. He also figured out how to climb all the way up the stairs! We now have gates everywhere. We have another tooth!

Henry's 1st Year - 9 Month -
9 Months. 23.5 Pounds 28.75 Inches
Henry has started dancing, clapping, and waving! Super cute! He babbles up a storm saying: Ha-Toh, Schta, Yedidada! Annnnd another tooth!

Henry's 1st Year - 10 Month -
10 Months. 25 Pounds 29 Inches
Henry pulls himself up and walks along furniture as often as he can. He loves playing Peek-a-Boo and will crawl behind doors or the couch to hide from us. Two more teeth just for good measure! This time they’re molars!

Henry's 1st Year - 11 Month -
11 Months. 25 Pounds 29.25 Inches
Henry can now stand on his own without holding onto anything. He doesn’t have any walking toys, but has figured out that he can push his orange toy box all around the house. He loves to walk around this way. Henry broke skin on his third molar this month!

Henry's 1st Year - 12 Month -
12 Months. 26 Pounds 30 1/4 Inches
Henry took a few practice steps a few times, but then didn’t seem interested in walking for about a week. One day, right after David got home from work, Henry stood up and just started walking all over! He walked and walked and walked for about 10 minutes. Then took a break to lay down on his belly for a few minutes, then was back up and walking again! He is now all over the place. He can walk really well and is now trying to run. He gets a few steps into running, and then falls down. Any day now I’m sure!

Henry has 11 teeth! Top front 4, bottom front 4, 2 bottom molars, and 1 top molar. He still loves to play with food, but is now eating a TON! Sometimes he can clear a plate with as much food as I serve to myself. He loves everything, especially meat. He has never refused a food for good. Sometimes he’ll refuse a food, then a few minutes later he’ll be scarfing it down.

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