A Skosh more Gravy - Chicken Dinner from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

It’s that time again! Will & Grace is coming out with a revival this fall and in preparation, of course we need to do some binge watching and theme eating. Over the past week I watched Will & Grace Season 1 and am here with a skosh more gravy in case your chicken is a little dry.

Will & Grace is a more difficult show to binge because… GASP! It is not on streaming. Whaaaaaat?! I searched and searched and searched to no avail. Actually it is on the internet, but not in a legal format. Luckily for me, my bestie Elyse still has the entire series on DVD so we are able to binge in preparation for the new season.

Will & Grace first aired in 1998… when I was still in high school. I think I watched the first few seasons as reruns on the family television, just whenever they happened to be on and I happened to be in front of the tv. Then by the time I was living on my own I was watching it habitually and in real time.

In rewatching the first season I was surprised to see many of my favorite scenes. Like the one that inspired this recipe. Will makes a chicken and gravy dinner and Jack, while choking, asks for “a skosh more gravy. It’s a little dry.”

More favorites from this season:

Will and Grace mind melding while playing Pyramid. THINGS THAT YOU LEAN ON!

Karen quotes:
“Grace? Oh! Now she’s gone. She’s gone, and I’m sitting here talking to myself like a crazy person. Oh, my god, listen to me. I’m still doing it!”
While shaking a bottle of pills, “Clang clang clang went the trolley. Ding ding ding went the bell.”

Karen and Jack meeting for the first time:
Jack: C’mon let’s touch stomachs!
Karen: Oh, my Lord, you are a complete freak!
(They touch stomachs)
Uhhhh so my bestie and I do this! I don’t know how that makes you feel about me, but there it is. We touch stomachs when we’re being silly just like Karen and Jack. I even convinced her to touch stomachs when we were both pregnant at the same time. I can’t remember if I got photo evidence or not. I’ll have to check.

Just Jack!
“Ugh I hate Uncle Sam. I’m so over older men.”

A Skosh more Gravy - Chicken Dinner from ChefSarahElizabeth.com


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