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Dirty Dancing Cocktail Party

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Dirty Dancing Cocktail Party from

This month we are watching Dirty Dancing with Food n Flix Club and I am hosting! Yay! I have seen this movie plenty of times, but it had been a while, and when I chose the movie I did not already have a recipe or menu in mind. I have watched Dirty Dancing 3 times now this month searching for inspiration.

Dirty Dancing Cocktail Party from

I decided to go with the 60s theme and set up a cocktail party. Everything on skewers! We even have mini jello molds – how cute are they?! I don’t know if Church Punch is from the 60s, but it is so colorful and fun – and I have a couple of littles to feed – so I added it in here.

Dirty Dancing Cocktail Party from

This is so not the typical spread you would find on any given day walking into my home. I try to serve only whole foods, nothing artificial, and there are always vegetables at meals. When I was shopping for ingredients to make this menu, my husband and I were in our local organic grocery store. This is where I shop more than any other place. I managed to get one item in my cart and after browsing the aisles turned to my husband and said, “I think we need to go to the junk food store”. Haha! I hope you enjoy this processed foods 60s inspired cocktail party to accompany the classic film Dirty Dancing!

Dirty Dancing Cocktail Party from

Dirty Dancing Cocktail Party
Bacon-Wrapped Watermelon with Pineapple
Spinach Artichoke Dip Stuffed Mushrooms
Shrimp Cocktail
Vienna Sausages in BBQ Sauce
Pimento Cheese Balls with Crackers
Mini Lime Jello Molds with Cherries and Pineapples
Sherbet Sprite Punch

Dirty Dancing Cocktail Party from

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