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Dessert Theme Party

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Dessert Theme Party from

Abby is NINE! OMG she’s so big and old now. Ridiculous. When we started planning her birthday party she said she wanted it to be dessert themed. So that’s what we did. Check out the photos and details below.

Dessert Theme Party from

Dessert Theme Party
Bright colors – pink, blue, yellow, turquiose – the brighter the better
We live in a forest, and have tons of trees in our backyard, so the trees got wrapped in crepe paper streamers to join the festivities.

Dessert Theme Party from

Birthday Girl wanted a piñata, so we filled that with candy, of course, but we also added some little toys to the mix. You can see in the photo that I laid down a blanket underneath the piñata because our backyard is all dirt, and I thought it would be better for the candy to land on a blanket instead of dirt. Well! Whichever mighty strong kid broke open the piñata, hit it hard enough that the candy all sprayed towards the fence in the background, and not even one piece landed on my strategically placed blanket!

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, or even cupcakes, we had decorate your own cupcakes! Everyone got their own little painter’s palette with a cupcake in the center and sprinkles all around. I frosted the cupcakes ahead of time because I thought it would just be extra messy to let the kids do it – but maybe that would be even more fun!

Birthday Girl also wanted her friends to bounce on our trampoline and ride bikes and scooters outside, so we did both, and got nice and sweaty before decorating our cupcakes.

It is so fun that the girls are old enough to plan their own birthday parties. They get exactly what they want, and it usually turns out to be so much more simple and fun than something I would have planned.

Dessert Theme Party from

Since this was a dessert theme party, we had to send dessert home as a favor (because piñata candy wasn’t enough sugar!) We made sugar cookies and bundled them up with all the fixings for a Cookie Decorating Favor Bag. So fun, and pretty unique if I do say so myself.

Dessert Theme Party from

Dessert Theme Party from

Cookie Decorating Favor Bag from

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