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Cherry Chutney Lamb Chops

Cherry Chutney Lamb Chops recipe from

Today we’re celebrating #FoodBloggerLove, which is the Valentine’s version of cookie swap. I was assigned a random blogger to get acquainted with and I’m so excited to introduce you to The PinterTest Kitchen. They try out popular Pinterest recipes so you don’t have to!

The PinterTest Kitchen is a Mother Daughter Daughter team – so fun! They all work or have worked at wineries so there is no shortage of wine-based recipes on their blog. They even have a roundup of cookie and wine pairings – um yes please!!!

Cherry Chutney Lamb Chops recipe from

It only took a few minutes of browsing to decide my tribute recipe would definitely include wine. I also wanted to make a Valentine’s dinner so I came up with Cherry Chutney Lamb Chops.

I get a pack of frenched rack of lamb from Trader Joe’s cut it into sections of two chops then season and pan sear. Super easy, and tricks your diners into thinking you spent all day cooking! After you sear the meat you’ll have all that fat and goodness in the pan. Leave it there! It will add more flavor to the sauce.

Cherry Chutney Lamb Chops recipe from

You’re definitely going to want to serve these lamb chops with marriage mashies and roasted brussels sprouts. Drink your extra wine with your meal, of course, and go ahead and open a second bottle as you so desire. Don’t forget dessert! Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Raspberry Wine Drizzle are the perfect little treat after this tender cherry chutney lamb. I made those chocolate cookies from The PinterTest Kitchen and must have eaten half the dough raw. Too good and perfectly chocolatey!

Cherry Chutney Lamb Chops recipe from

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If you make a rack of cherry chutney lamb, I would love to know about it! Share a photo and tag me on Instagram or Facebook. What is your favorite wine pairing?!

Cherry Chutney Lamb Chops recipe from

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  1. Yum!!! Thank you for featuring us. You don’t know this, but cherries are kind of a “thing” in our family, so this is the perfect recipe for us haha! Our grandma has a cherry tree, and every year she picks and de-seeds cherries so we all have them in our freezer all year long. Our family favorite is cherry pie It just wouldn’t be a family gathering without grandma’s cherry pie – she didn’t make it for Christmas this year and I thought our younger cousin was going to stage a rebellion hahaha.


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