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Gilmore Manhattan – Coffee Klatch

Gilmore Manhattan recipe from

Coffee Klatch: a social gathering for conversation while drinking coffee.

Let’s drink delicious coffee and gab about our lives! Our current topic is Gilmore Girls as we are re-watching the entire series leading up to the release of A Year in the Life on Netflix!

Today’s recipe is a Gilmore Manhattan inspired by Lane’s wedding. Rory gets herself and Lorelai a Manhattan with “extra cherries”. A manhattan normally has only 1 cherry. The girls glasses were full of cherries and then the manhattan drink poured over. So I followed suit. My husband tasted the drinks and said, “I taste whiskey, a little cinnamon, cherry… lots of cherry… oh my gosh too much cherry!” HA! All I could discern in the manhattan was the whiskey, so I also added two ounces cherry juice to mine, a move I think the Gilmore Girls would totally get behind.

Lane and Zach
Wedding Menu

Hot Dogs
French Fries
Potato Chips
Ranch Dip
Ring Pops

Gilmore Girls
Season 6

They’re engaged! Zima toast in the gazebo. Luke babbling in bed. He loves her so much! “Kids would be good” !!!
“For she’s a jolly good felon” party. Haha
Oh snap. Rory has to do 300 hours community service!
Paul Anka the dog! Yes!
Rory and Lorelai are still apart. So so so sad.

TJ might be one of my favorite characters. He’s a good brother in law for Luke. Pretty great contractor, too.
Ha! Rory taking charge of her community service crew. Of course.
Dark Chocolate S’mores wedding cake?! Omg.
Cake topper “Stop screaming ‘it’s your butt’ Sookie. People are going to hear you.”
Yay the girls are godmothers. Sad Sookie’s plan didn’t work out. This season is so depressing so far. When will they make up?!
Rory planned such a great DAR event.
Oh Em Gee Emily going off on Logan’s mom! Finally Richard and Emily are realizing the awfulness of the Huntzbergers.

Come visit The Dragonfly Inn on Sores and Boils Alley!
Aww Richard brought Lorelai the dollhouse. Ugh finally he realizes Lorelai was right from the beginning.
Saddest 21st birthday! The plans they had sounded perfect. At least Rory tried to reach out with an invitation, and Lorelai showed up. So sad for Lorelai realizing she isn’t the center of Rory’s world anymore.

Jess! He is so much better in this episode than he ever has been before. Good for him writing a book and having steady work! Even bad influence Jess sees that Rory isn’t making the best decisions. Even though Logan is part of Rory’s not so stellar decisions, I still like him!
Yay Rory is taking a closer look at her life and decisions. Oh man her fight with her grandma.
Sick Paul Anka and Lorelai’s meltdown! 🙁

Luke and Lorelai’s fight about Christopher!
Yay Rory back to her old self. Going after the job she wants.
Luke has a daughter?!?!
Yayyyyy Rory! She got the job! She’s going back to Yale! She called her mom! Yayyyy!!!
Yay yay yay they’re back together!!!!!

Such a happy episode Lorelai bringing Rory around everywhere.
Celebratory breakfast at Luke’s: eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, coffee. This is only the first round?!
Sookie is such a great best friend. So excited with Lorelai.
Christopher is rich and paying for Yale now. Yay he’s making up for things.
Luuuuke you need to tell Lorelai about having a daughter!

Aww yay they did a make up Atlantic City 21st birthday.
Lorelai got excited about the wedding and got it all planned. Boo Luke not excited. When is he going go tell her about his child?!
HA! Lane is the new Mrs. Kim. lol Mrs. Kim’s hidden sake. She blocks all the windows before getting it out.
Rory’s therapy session is exactly how my therapy sessions go! Good thing I didn’t go to therapy when I was in college and even more crazy!
Aww Luke! He wants to know his daughter.

Gilmore Manhattan recipe from

Agggghhhh the way Lorelai finds out about the daughter. Luke! No! He’s known for 2 months?! Omg! The wedding is postponed. Sad.
Rory kicking ass to get the school paper out! Logan showing up to help!
Wow the big blow up fight at Friday night dinner! Haha! Pause for lovely sorbet dessert. Then Richard and Emily fighting during coffee. Then happily laughing together. More fighting. Wow. Such an emotional roller coaster of an evening.

Yay Rory is editor of the Yale Daily News! Poor Paris. Always being so Paris.
Martha’s Vineyard trip for Valentine’s Day. Lorelai is so sad and nervous about not getting married.
Poor Logan getting yelled at.
Yay Luke and Lorelai seem to be back on track. But he needs to invite her to meet April! Cmon Luke!
Lorelai babysitting Gigi…a little weird. Also Gigi cray.
Awkwardddd Rory learning about Logan’s past flings… including flings during their breakup.
Haha aww Zach’s proposal to Lane.
lol drunk Doyle and Rory.

Haha Rory and Paris upset about boys together. Yay the boys showed up to apologize!
Mrs Kim approved Zach’s proposal to Lane! Lanes wedding dress! Gasp!
Yay Luke doing dad things and bonding with April.
Awww Jess! So grown up and successful. Good job.

LOL! Can I make that LOL any bigger? Mrs. Kim is afraid of her own Mom! I’m so glad we got to see all of Lane’s weddings!
Aww “I’m going to wear earplugs tonight. The good ones that expand in your ears so I won’t be able to hear anything that might be going on out in the street at all hours of the night.” Mrs. Kim and Lane have done such a fantastic job redefining their relationship!
Oy drunk Lorelai.

Logan is hurt. So sad. Rory really loves him yay. #TeamLogan. Oh snap yelling at Mitchum Huntzberger!
Ugh Luke just let Lorelai in to your life with April! He’s totes jells, but so totally making the wrong decision.
Yay he calls Lorelai and she saves the day! Boo Anna gets mad.
Haha Jackson and Sookie’s pot
Liz is pregnant! Oh geez TJ. Always forgetting his jacket.
Awww Richard and Emily want to buy Luke and Lorelai a house! So sweet! Oh man Lorelai realizing the wedding isn’t going to happen. Why not?!

Duuuuude Rory has a knack for yelling at Mitchum Huntzberger now!
Logan! “Tell me not to go” I think he really loves Rory.
Lorelaiiiiiiiiii ugh. Good for telling Luke everything you’re feeling. But don’t go to Christopher! Ugggghhhhhh. Not at all #TeamChristopher. Bad bad bad Lorelai.

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Gilmore Manhattan recipe from

Gilmore Manhattan


  • 2 ounces angostura bitters
  • 1 ounce sweet vermouth
  • 2 1/2 ounces rye whiskey
  • 1 ounce cherry juice
  • 20 cherries


  1. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, mix all the liquids and shake well.
  2. Fill a short glass with cherries, and pour the chilled Manhattan on top.

Nutrition Information:

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 81Carbohydrates: 10g

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