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Bachelorette Emily Gilmore – Coffee Klatch

Bachelorette Emily Gilmore, Coffee Klatch from

Coffee Klatch: a social gathering for conversation while drinking coffee.

Let’s drink delicious coffee and gab about our lives! Our current topic is Gilmore Girls as we are re-watching the entire series leading up to the release of A Year in the Life on Netflix!

As I mentioned last week, I am terrible at math and grossly miscalculated my Gilmore Girls viewing schedule. This resulted in needing to watch an entire season each week from here on out, so this week we are discussing the entirety of Season Five! I actually think this miscalculation works out in my favor, because now I get to see more Gilmore Girls every day!

Today’s recipe isn’t actually a recipe. I was inspired by the episode of Emily’s impromptu bachelorette party to craft a pizza tower. You can see my feeble attempt in the photos on this page. I set up the whole evening’s menu in my own living room (okay I missed a few pieces, but that’s because I am not quite as gluttonous as our favorite girls). After setting up this mini pizza tower, I had a lightbulb moment and have a much better idea in mind for an epic pizza tower. So stay tuned! The next time I have occasion to serve tons of pizza, I will be making a pizza tower to share.

Bachelorette Emily Gilmore, Coffee Klatch from

Gilmore Girls
Season 5

NO LONGER TEAM DEAN! Ugh such a pig.
I’m glad Rory is going to Europe. I hope she forgets all about Dean. Sad that she doesn’t send her mom postcards, though.
Emily crawled out the window and took off her skirt in order to do so! Omg.

Yay sweet Luke helping at the renaissance faire
Oh man Emily sure does Europe right. The ruins have moved. lol.
Lorelai and Sookie’s “day off”. Can’t even catch a self-imposed break.
Poor Rory! Getting attacked by Lindsay’s mom. Her letter was so perfect.

Lorelai flirting with Luke!!! “He calls me hot plates. See I told you he likes me.”
Their first date! “Lorelai. This thing you and I are doing here? I just want you to know I’m in. I am all in.” Eeeee Luke!
Of course their relationship was discussed at the town meeting.
Rory went to Dean’s house?! Rory, no!

They’re dating now?! Ughgghhhh. Stop it.
Jackson’s selectman speech was the best. Poor Taylor. Sookie was the perfect First Lady! Channeling Hillary, so perfect
Double date with Dean! Ugh break up already. Luke… it’s sweet that he’s so protective of Rory, but he needs to be a little less grumpy.
Emily and Richard. So sad. I want them to make up so badly!

Aww Lorelai is really happy with Luke! And Rory notices. Sweet.
Logan is such a douche! I like him, though. He might be my favorite Rory love interest after original pre-married Dean.
Oh nooo Chris is back. Calling Lorelai for help with the baby. No no no no no. But Sherri left?! Ugh. Poor Chris and Gigi.
Rory always sticking up for her mom! Yay!
Sookie is pregnant again!

Bachelorette Emily Gilmore, Coffee Klatch from

Haha Luke meeting Emily for the first time in this capacity. “Rustic”
Yay Rory investigating the secret society. I think I like Logan because he’s a little mysterious and adventurous. It’s the kind of group I would have envied in college, but been too scared to be part of. Also, I LOVE stories where a man buys a woman an outfit for a date. Or in this case for a dangerous jumping stunt.
Aww Lane and Zack’s date!

The “Yale alumni” dinner. Poor Dean, but I’m glad it’s over. Hopefully for good.
Sookie’s pregnancy cravings. Lol. I clearly didn’t milk my pregnancy cravings enough.
Emily is going on date?! Look how sad she is at the end! A reconciliation is nigh!
Ugh Lorelai! Don’t hide things from Luke, especially Christopher things.

Luke’s dark day. Sad. Yay that he opened up to Lorelai about it! Eek his dad’s boat, and getting mad at her.
Oh my goodness Logan & Co’s skit in Rory’s class while she was escorting the chilton kid. LOL! Logan has secured his spot as favorite Rory love interest. Team Logan!
-Richard and Rory’s revenge. Amaze!

I looooooove that Lorelai can smell the first snow coming in. That would be me if I lived in a snowy place. Her pulling grumpy, sleepy Luke outside is so great. I was so close to making a hot toddy for today’s post in honor of Lorelai’s relationship with snow and winter.
Aww Christopher visiting Rory. He needs to have a good relationship with his oldest daughter! Oh sad about his dad.
The dog that brought Richard and Emily back together!

Yay Richard and Emily agreed to attend a function together. Aww jealous Richard. They’ve reconciled!
Haha Sookie watching tv at the inn and eating Toblerone.
Ohhh no Emily! So awful going to Christopher about Lorelai. Bad bad bad. #TeamLuke

Instant mashed potatoes are too much work. Haha. “With tater tots I can just rip and dump”. Pizza tower?!
Haha Emily’s bachelorette party. Oh wow Emily with a little rum and coke.
The wedding. So fancy! Rory was so forward with Logan! Love it. Omg his reason for not asking her out?! “Because you’re special.” Ugh #TeamLogan.
Christopherrrrrrr ay yi yi.

Bachelorette Emily Gilmore, Coffee Klatch from

Luke needs “time”. The worst four letter word. Taylor’s pink and blue ribbons – of course. Lorelai is so sad!!! We’ve never seen her so upset. He broke up with her?! Rory takes care of her so well! “You have stuff to do” “this is my stuff” Her phone call to Luke! All the tears. He came over! Ugh they’re still broken up.

Luke and Lorelai fighting. So sad. Get back together! Rory’s hangout night with Marty. Poor Marty. He’s so poor, and feels so out of place around Logan’s people. But he likes Rory so much! He did so well telling her how he feels! And she did so well being honest with him! I hope they stay friends.

Haha Sookie and Lorelai “painting the town” at home.
Emily completely crossed the line, but I feel bad for her getting iced out by Rory.
Lane. So sweet. Waiting until marriage.
Haha Luke is off his cooking game, but Kirk loves it all.
Omg Emily came to see Luke! Luke comes over and kisses Lorelai! Yay!

Logan breaking into the school cafeteria with Rory. He definitely knows the way to a Gilmore heart.
Logan totes jells at the party. Love it. I wouldn’t be able to date casually like that. I agree with Lorelai that it’s not for Rory, either.
Oh snap oh snap. Emily went back to Luke again again. Lorelai yelled at her!
Michel’s motor home. Kirk leaving his mother!

Awwww Luke wants to buy a house for him and Lorelai!
Exciting! The Inn on the cover of American Traveller. Aww Lorelai pulls the article.
Haha sad drunk Paris and Rory and Lane about boys.

Yay Rory telling Logan how she really feels. lol at Logan’s reaction. “Fine I’ll do it”
Sick whiney Boyle in Paris’ bed, and her reaction. They’re almost rivaling Sookie and Jackson for best couple.
Sookie on bedrest. Can’t let go.

Dinner with Logan’s parents. Sad. Don’t they know she’s a Gilmore?!
Yay internship for Rory! At a real newspaper!
Haha Kirk’s money: “Ive been working for 11 years, Luke. I’ve had 15,000 jobs…”
yay a girl for Sookie and Jackson!

Rory got arrested?! Omg.
Ugh Rory dropped out of Yale! Everyone went against what Lorelai wanted. So hard. Oh man Luke is so overprotective of Rory!
Mrs. Kim helping Lane’s band! Whaaaaatttt!
Lorelai proposed to Luke! Eeeeee!!!!

Impromptu Bachelorette Party Menu
First Course:
Pop Tarts
Mini Powdered Doughtnuts
Mini Marshmallows
Main Course:
Pizza Tower
Tater Tots
Sookie’s Pot Stickers
Neverending Rum and Coke

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