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Coffee Cake Muffins – Coffee Klatch

Coffee Cake Muffins recipe from

Coffee Klatch: a social gathering for conversation while drinking coffee.

Let’s drink delicious coffee and gab about our lives! Our current topic is Gilmore Girls as we are re-watching the entire series leading up to the release of A Year in the Life on Netflix!

Today’s recipe is Coffee Cake Muffins! The girls love a good muffin from Luke’s and coffee cake is made to be paired with coffee. What could be better? In the episode where the church bells are working, Lorelai asks Rory what she wants from Luke’s. Rory replies, “Some coffee, a muffin, and onion rings.” So that’s how we’re serving our muffins. I couldn’t decide between the pairing of muffin with onion rings, or Lorelai’s first date with Jason. So I had them both. Recreate their grocery store picnic with a salad and mac and cheese from the prepared foods section, a fun flask, and sour cream and onion pringles.

Coffee Cake Muffins recipe from

Gilmore Girls
Season 4 Episode 7
Season 4 Episode 22

-Lulu is Kirk’s girlfriend now. Yay Kirk!

-Lorelai telling Sookie about the day she had Rory! So sweet and sentimental.

-Kirk as Christ. Love the way he treats Judas. He researched his role well.
-Lorelai as the unflinching Renoir girl…and then the pager goes off. Lol.

-Nicole is back?! Luke is still married?! Lorelai is so mad about it!
-Rory’s scathing review of the ballet! Of course Richard and Emily loved the article.
-Lane’s marriage jug! “This thing? It’s just a jug. I probably told you that to make you stop crying. You always cried when you were little, gave me a headache.”

-Haha hovering at Luke’s to get a table. Almost as good as “excuse me can you move?”
-Rory is all of a sudden grown up! “I’m in a serious romantic dry spell.” What?!
-Yay Lane let Gil into the band! He’s so sweet.

-The Yale/Harvard game! Richard and Emily are behaving like commoners. Tailgating and all. The fanciest tailgating ever.
-They’re having so much fun and being such cute Yale grandparents.
-Richard! Yearly lunch with his ex for 40 years?! Ugh rude.

-Lorelai’s date with Jason -good reason to date someone. Just to spite your parents. He is so stuffy! Haha errands/picnic date.
-Paris and the professor! Dirty.

-LOL! Michel babysitting “Truman”. He rolled under the bed during their game. So great.

-Lorelai sleeping in Jason’s guest room. Fancy guest room!
-Luke moved to another city with Nicole?! Nooooo.

-The church bells. The pastor! “Oh thank God. Carry on.”
-Omg Lane sneaking out and staying out. Mrs. Kim is so sad to discover she doesn’t know her daughter!

-Jess is back?! But we get to meet Liz! Drunk Luke oh man.
-Aww Rory running away from Jess. Then chewing him out! He says “I love you”? What?! Ugh Jess.

-The first reservation for the Dragonfly Inn! So exciting!
-Lane running into Mrs. Kim. So sad!
-Money problems with the inn. Oh noooo Sookie and Lorelai fighting about the inn! Sad.

-Trix is such a bitch! Ohhhh snap! Richard fighting with his mother. Emily looks so pleased.
-Lane got an apartment with the band!
-Emily shopping at the mall! Ohhh my goodness. Her introduction to mall food would have made a good meal for this week’s cofee klatch, too. sweet and sour pork, pizza, hot dog on a stick, soda, iced tea, lemonade, orange Julius, “some wrap thingy”, hamburger (Emily uses a fork and knife!)
-Gran’s letter to Richard to not marry Emily! Awful!

Coffee Cake Muffins recipe from

-The spring break “ritual”. Haha. Paris is so Paris. “Hey throw it back.” “No!”
-Watching a documentary in their room instead of partying.
-Louise and Madelynn. I’m glad they still make a once a season appearance in the show.

-Luke was arrested for vandalism! Poor guy. But good that it’s over with Nicole finally.
-Jason is a weirdo, but I like him!
-Taylor’s toupee. Haha.

-Oh my goodness Jason’s father! Jason getting pushed out. Lorelai’s fight with Richard! Emily cautioning Richard about his behavior. And then their weird dinner and Emily leaving after! Sad.
-Lorelai and Jason! He’s suing Richard and she can’t be with him because of it. She really actually loves her parents!

-Yay Lane’s band played a gig! Then sneaking into her mom’s house and giving her a kiss! So sad/sweet.
-Aww Liz and TJ are getting married! Luke got Jess to show up. Luke asked Lorelai to go with him! Yay Jess agreed to walking his mom down the aisle.
-Luke and Lorelai dancing at Liz’s wedding!
-Jess thanking Luke for everything and offering to pay him back! Okay maybe Jess is a good guy. He just needs a little help and love.

-Rory calls Dean to rescue her. Rory, no!
-Jesssssss!!! Trying to get Rory to run away with him. He really loves her. Awwwww. I may have been Team Jess for half a second. But Rory took care of herself and yay! I’m Team Rory!

-The soft opening of the Dragonfly Inn! So exciting!
-lol Kirk’s night terrors.
-Dean and Rory almost kissed! Stop that right now!
-Jason shows up, of course. No longer Team Jason. I still liked him a lot, but not now after the suing issue.

Lorelai and Luke kissed! Yay!
Rory and Dean! Noooooo. Ugh. I hate this storyline so much.

I grossly miscalculated this viewing schedule and am too far behind. The good news is that now I have to watch one season for each of the next three weeks. 22 episodes in 7 days! Woooooo.

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