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Luke’s Diner Nutmeg Joe – Coffee Klatch

Nutmeg Coffee from

Coffee Klatch: a social gathering for conversation while drinking coffee.

Hello and welcome to our first official coffee klatch! We’re here to drink amazing coffee and gab about all that’s going on in our lives and the world.

Gilmore Girls!

From now through November 23rd we are watching 2 episodes per day in preparation for A Year in the Life premiering on November 25th.

So. Season 1, episodes 1-14.

The show opens with Lorelai running into Luke’s, desperate for a cup of coffee, only to admit to him she’s had 5 cups of coffee already! Here we have the perfect role model for our weekly coffee klatch, eh? Our coffee recipe today is Luke’s Diner Nutmeg Joe because in one episode Lorelai compliments Luke on his exceptional coffee today and he tells her he added a little nutmeg.

Scroll down to check out my version of nutmeg joe. I paired my coffee with my favorite diner meal: over medium eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sourdough toast. You can totally drink yours with a fabulous cheeseburger if you prefer.

Henry and I sing the intro song. Every. Time. Okay real talk. One day we were singing the song, gazing into each other’s eyes, and I started bawling. Like I couldn’t continue singing because I was crying so much. Having babies is the worst! I was a crier before having children. I became more emotional the more I came to love Abby and Katie. Now that I have Henry? Oh forget it!

Sookie is the cutest! I love the episode where she asks Jackson out to dinner and then their first date?! So awkward, and also so adorable.

How about the Bangles concert? My mom would have totally done exactly what Lorelai did when she found the girls and made them come home with her. Then she would have spoken to each of their parents in person to explain what happened. I somehow would have also gotten in trouble, or at the very least a stern talkin’ to. I’d like to think I would do the same as a parent.

How perfectly corny was the Donna Reed episode? All Roads Lead To The Kitchen has a Lime Fantasy Supreme to help with all your Donna Reed needs. P.S. Heather will be joining us each week so be sure to stop by and chat with her, too!

Nutmeg Coffee from

Not Gilmore Girls

What else is happening in your life besides watching our favorite ladies? Tell me something good!

I spent the weekend at the beach with my family. My mom rented a beach house and we all stayed together in one house for the weekend. I had so much fun. I think my mom enjoyed having all her children under one roof. Henry didn’t seem to care about our location. Abby and Katie had a blast with their big cousin Skyler. I promised funfetti cupcakes while at the beach house, but we never made time for them due to too much fun down on the sand. So when they come home from school today we’re going to make our funfetti cupcakes, and eat them while doing homework!

Nutmeg Coffee from

Nutmeg Coffee from

Nutmeg Joe


  • 1 mug favorite coffee
  • freshly ground nutmeg
  • splash of vanilla extract
  • pinch of sugar


  1. Combine all ingredients in your favorite coffee cup and serve hot with your favorite diner meal!

Nutrition Information:

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 1

4 thoughts on “Luke’s Diner Nutmeg Joe – Coffee Klatch”

  1. Yum, that is totally my kind of meal…and I’m seriously craving some diner food now, too. It makes me laugh when to hear what an exceptional cup of coffee Luke made in one scene…and see him scooping from a Hills Bros. tin in another. Not that they can’t go hand in hand, but… 😉 ha ha ha

    As for the concert moment, my mom wasn’t the kind of mom who would have done what Lorelai did – but I am!

    I made something a little fun to go with what we watched, as well.

    Love it! Looking forward to next Wednesday – thanks so much for the invite.


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