40 Week Pregnancy Update from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

I made it! 40 weeks pregnant and getting ready to meet my son! Today is my due date, August 16th 2016, and I am laying in a hospital bed waiting for things to move along. Check out my pregnancy announcement and my 21 week update for all the details so far. You can also look at photos and details of my baby shower.

40 Week Pregnancy Update from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

Acid reflux is still raging! I now also have pregnancy carpal tunnel. I can’t do any fine motor skills with my hands because they go numb quickly. I can’t very easily write in my belly book, much less hold a needle and thread to work on the baby blanket I’ve been wanting to make. It flares up while I’m trying to sleep, too, so I have been sleeping with braces on my arms which is equal parts comfortable and uncomfortable.

I am eating vegetable sushi rolls from Sprouts at least weekly, popsicles as often as I can get them, and gyros from Luna Grill. Just the mere mention of mayonnaise makes me stomach turn.

We have finally narrowed down our baby names list to 3 contenders! It is now decision time since this guy is getting ready to meet the world.

40 Week Pregnancy Update from ChefSarahElizabeth.com

I have had a fairly easy and uneventful pregnancy medically speaking. Nothing scary or out of the ordinary. I have had high blood pressure for the last trimester, and my doctor has wanted me to monitor it twice daily – with instructions to call right away if it ever passed 140/90. Well, today, on my due date and my husband’s birthday, I just wasn’t feeling myself. I felt a funny snap and gush, but wasn’t sure if it was my water breaking or just a new weird pregnancy tick. I laid down for 15 minutes, drank a tall glass of water, and took my blood pressure when I was feeling totally rested. It was sky high! I called my doctor right away who wanted me to go straight to labor and delivery to check myself in. Like I said, today is my husband’s birthday. We were all spending the day at home together. I didn’t want to drag Abby and Katie to the hospital for a possible false alarm, so I drove myself here. Turns out I am now required to stay here and see what happens! I’m having irregular contractions, but am not feeling anything. I’m on meds to bring my blood pressure down, but they also make me a fall risk, so I have all kinds of things sticking in me and I have to walk the halls with a nurse every once in a while. I also need assistance to use the restroom because of the fall risk. David is at home getting the girls and pets all situated and will be meeting me here shortly. I hope we get to meet our baby very soon!

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