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Pregnant ladies rejoice! We can indulge in soft, creamy cheeses while housing these alien life forms inside our bellies. Hurrah! Enter: the pregnancy cheese platter.

There seem to be so many rules to keep in mind while pregnant. Foods and substances to avoid at all costs, some to proceed with caution, and some that we need to seek out and get more of to help the growing babies taking up residence inside us and generally wreaking havoc on everything. I have decided to err on the side of caution when it comes to all these dos and don’ts.

I have avoided caffeine, alcohol, sushi, runny eggs, unpasteurized foods, and deli meats. For the most part it has been very easy to avoid everything on the Do Not Eat list. I don’t miss or crave most of these foods. One of the foods I crave almost daily is sushi, and another is cheese of any kind, especially soft ones. I want to eat brie with prosciutto, honey, and a baguette at least weekly.

Thankfully, my best friend happened upon a soft cheese that is even better than brie. Fromager D’Affinois is practically brie, but the one I can find locally here in Southern California are made with pasteurized cheese, making them totally acceptable for a pregnant lady to eat. That pregnant lady can even eat the entire wedge with a baguette after dinner if she so desires.

This pregnancy cheese platter made an appearance at my baby shower, and I put it together with the intention of eating every item included. I had two other pregnant ladies present and they were both more than happy to indulge. The main thing to keep in mind when putting together your own cheese platter is to avoid any cheeses made with pasteurized cheese, this information will always be listed on the ingredients label. Unfortunately, I have not come across any sort of meat that is allowable. All meats must be cooked for pregnant women. Prosciutto, parma, and salamis are all cured, not cooked. Sad face.

Feel free to enjoy all the other cheese platter accompaniments, though! Nuts, honey, olives, dried fruits, fresh fruits, breads, these are all allowable and most are actually foods you want to eat more of while pregnant.

Enjoy all the pasteurized soft cheeses with all the non-meat accompaniments you can get your hands on during your 9-10 month forced sobriety and avoidance of many delicious foods. What off-limits foods do you miss the most?

Pregnancy Cheese Platter
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  • 1 wedge Fromager D'Affinois
  • 1 wedge manchego cheese
  • 6 mini babybel cheeses
  • 1 package cheddar moon cheese
  • tropical dried fruit mix
  • olives
  • almonds
  • fig spread
  • honey
  • baguette


  1. Use a large cutting board or other serving tray to decoratively arrange all your cheeses and accompaniments.
  2. Pre-slice the baguette and hard cheeses.
  3. Set up your cheese platter 1 hour prior to serving.

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