21 Weeks pregnancy update from chefsarahelizabeth.com


We had our anatomy scan this week where we found out that we’re having a baby boy, and I am so excited to add a boy to the family! Abby and Katie are excited, too, and keep saying, “I just can’t believe we’re getting a brother! We’ve never had a brother before.” Abby hoped for a boy because we’ve never experienced a boy before, and Katie hoped for a girl. Likewise, I hoped for a boy, and David hoped for a girl. So half of us got our wishes.

The girls are also very curious about the anatomy. They know all the proper terms, but have been getting shy about using the word penis and instead have been saying “pee part”. They’ve asked what it looks like and if they’ll ever see it. To which we enthusiastically reply, “Yes! You will see it often because you will be helping change diapers!” Dinnertime conversations have become very interesting to say the least. I bet Abigail, Katherine, and Baby Boy would be thrilled to know this story is being publicly broadcast.

21 Weeks pregnancy update from chefsarahelizabeth.com

Our anatomy scan also showed a perfect brain with nothing to indicate cysts or holes or anything undesirable, kidneys, a spine, bladder, two feet with five toes each, two hands with five fingers each, and everything a healthy baby needs. In addition to all the perfect reports, we also learned that Baby Boy was measuring large in every area, which means we initially miscalculated our conception and due dates. The due date is now August 16th, which is David’s birthday! So my 20 week appointment turned into my 21 week appointment. August 16th also happens to be the birthday of my best friend, Elyse. So those two will have to share their 2017 birthday parties with a 1 year old.

21 Weeks pregnancy update from chefsarahelizabeth.com

My baby shower is being planned for June and the invite list just keeps on growing and growing. For those curious we are registered at Land of Nod and Target. Go ahead and do with that information what you will. 😉

21 Weeks pregnancy update from chefsarahelizabeth.com

I no longer have morning sickness because it has been replaced by acid reflux. Fun! The solution is the same as it was in my first trimester: food! As long as I am full, I am comfortable and happy. I get the acid reflux feeling and I just snack on a banana, or cake, or ice cream. My only real craving currently is broccoli cheddar soup. I have eaten it almost every day for a week now. I should probably start making my own. We’re having pizza and movie night as I am typing this, and I actually would prefer a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup.

21 Weeks pregnancy update from chefsarahelizabeth.com

Why did I even join the photo? This one would have worked just fine, right?

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  1. Elyse
    April 8, 2016 at 7:06 pm (3 years ago)
    Look at that adorable profile! I'm love seeing your family grow! So exciting!!
  2. Jennifer
    April 8, 2016 at 7:29 pm (3 years ago)
    Yay! So excited for you!
  3. Megan
    April 8, 2016 at 7:44 pm (3 years ago)

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