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A Bear Called Paddington – Family Dinner Book Club

A Bear Called Paddington dinner menu from

Our Family Dinner Book Club selection for the month of December is A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond. Here you’ll find a menu that can be prepared with the help of your children, and will hopefully be a fun and interactive activity for the whole family, along with some easy crafts. Head over to Growing Book by Book for some talking points to get the conversation started as well as an idea for a family service project. Then visit Sunny Day Family for a fun craft. We invite you to share a picture from your dinner with us anytime during the month on our Family Dinner Book Club Facebook page.

Paddington Bear hails from darkest Peru. He hopped on a train and his travels brought him to London, England’s Paddington Station. The Brown family found him and named him after the place where they met. Paddington’s first meal with Mr. Brown was tea which included his favorite sticky buns. I imagine it took Paddington some time to travel from Darkest Peru all the way to London and I also imagine he sampled many fine cuisines along the way. Check out this map of the places Paddington likely passed through and then share in his international feast. Don’t forget the marmalade!

A Bear Called Paddington dinner menu from

A Bear Called Paddington
Family Dinner Book Club

Lomo Saltado Skewers (Peru)
Avocado Milkshake (Brazil)
Jollof Rice (Nigeria)
Carrot Orange Salad (Morocco)
Vina Dosh (Portugal)
Patatas Bravas (Spain)
French Onion Soup (France)
Pecan Sticky Buns (England)

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  1. This is the first time I’m doing the Family Dinner Book Club with my kids. I would love to try some of these recipes with them…do you have links to the recipes? Thanks so much! 🙂


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