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Floral 1st Birthday Party

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Floral 1st Birthday Party from

One year ago, my best friend finally birthed the beautiful baby girl she had been wanting for a very long time. This year, Madeline turned ONE and we got to throw her a fabulous party! Elyse tossed around a few theme ideas and then came across a flower made of tissue paper and became… for lack of a better word, Obsessed! She made a few and wanted to use them to decorate Madeline’s birthday party, and then I went over and helped her make about ten flowers, and then I went home. Elyse, however, continued making flowers until she had bought out the entire stock of tissue paper at her local craft store. I wonder if she ever counted how many she made. I would guess the number is somewhere close to 902. I dunno. Anyway. The flowers became the party theme and since the party would be attended by only four children, we decided to just go totally fancy and have a tea party. Although I guess we didn’t serve any tea. We had tea-party-style foods, flowers everywhere, super darling photos of the birthday girl, and a pink cake!

Floral 1st Birthday Party from

Go learn how to make these pretty paper flowers from Elyse and check out more party details. Abby and Katie got to take home a few flowers each and we immediately hung them on their bedroom walls. So pretty!

Floral 1st Birthday Party from

Floral 1st Birthday Party
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Floral 1st Birthday Party from

Floral 1st Birthday Party from

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