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Minion Party

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Abby turned seven years old and all she wanted was a minion party with games and prizes. So that’s what she got. I was so excited that she wanted to have a homemade birthday party here at home instead of at one of those bounce house places that have become so popular. We started with little minions to hand out as invitations. Each minion held a cupcake sticker that the recipient could use and the backs had all the relevant party information as well as “corrections” made by those sneaky minions. We had several left over so we used them to decorate the tables at the party, which worked out quite nicely.

Minions party from

Abby wanted to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey and have a piñata. Abby and I brainstormed together and decided on Pin the Item on the Minion and each child at the party got to choose what to pin on the minion. The options were goggles, the logo pocket, or a cupcake. I went a little overboard with this one and the minion ended up being about the same height as the kids! We didn’t have a place to put him so one of the party dads held the minion (and moved it around) while the blindfolded kids tried to find him. They did pretty well… I think our mask wasn’t entirely blinding. Some items fell off before I was able to snap a photo, but we had at least one of each item in the correct place.

Minions party from

We also decided that the piñata would be a purple minion since those are the bad guys, and if the goal was to smash something to pieces using a bat then it should probably be a bad guy that we were beating up. Didn’t the purple minion come out so cute?! It actually ended up being sturdier than we initially expected and all the kids were able to take a swing at the guy before it broke apart.

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Another game we played was “corn hole” which I think is such a strange name. Does anyone know the origin of this name? So instead we call it beanbag toss. I watched a 25 minute tutorial for how to draw Agnes in order to paint this little cutie. I then made tiny unicorn beanbags that the kids threw into the hole. One little girl got so excited that she threw a beanbag really high and it went over the fence into the pool area! Another little girl was sad about not winning a prize so I gave her one of the unicorns. I ended up with what I call my ugliest unicorn by the time I remembered to take a photo. I should really try to take all these photos before the event begins instead of in the midst or after. I used this tutorial for sewing the unicorns and I kinda want to make a bunch more in different color combinations!

Minions party from

At the last minute I decided to paint a sign to help parents find our party, and that sign ended up becoming my favorite piece of art. Abby now has it displayed in her room. I sketched and then painted it in about 20 minutes the morning of the party. I think it came out pretty cute!

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Since I was doing so much crafting leading up to the party I decided I didn’t want to try to make minion theme foods and drinks. I did make homemade lemonade and put blueberries in it to match the color scheme. All the other foods were Abby’s requests: hamburgers and hot dogs, chips with salsa and queso, vegetables with ranch dip, and fruit. Simple and everyone enjoyed their meal.

Minions party from

We had a really fun party and I thought all the crafted elements came out great. Abby has been accumulating minion everything and I can’t wait for the minion movie to come out in July. Maybe we’ll go see it for my birthday.

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