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Happy Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween! The girls wanted a spooky house this year, so I tried to decorate in a spooky fashion without being scary. I thought they really wouldn’t care about Halloween decorations, but after I put up a few things they got really excited and wanted more. So here are the decorations we have hanging around our home this Halloween. Enjoy. Have a very happy and safe Halloween!

This black spiderweb stuff is starting to fall apart and get everywhere! David keeps complaining that it sticks to him every time he walks down the hall. I keep telling him to suck it up in the name of Halloween spookiness! I kinda love that one of our spiders got stuck in his own web! Look at the next photo below to see him closer.

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I know these guys as “Crook Neck Squash” or I’ve also seen “Gooseneck Squash”. I like how they’re kinda wonky and I think they fit the whole Halloween vibe.

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