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Creative Galaxy Epiphany Craft

Creative Galaxy Epiphany craft from

David limits the amount of television Abby and Katie watch. He doesn’t allow tv on school nights, or in the morning before school. We have pizza and movie night every Friday, and the girls are allowed to watch 1-2 shows on Saturday mornings when we are in need of more sleep. It was a difficult rule for me to get behind at first because I grew up watching tons of tv, and I still do. I often have the television playing all day long while I’m working, cooking, or cleaning. I like the background noise, and I also like the stories. In elementary school, we watched tv in the morning before school after eating breakfast and getting ready. We turned on the tv after finishing homework everyday, and there were many shows that we watched together as a family. When I moved in with David and the girls, I didn’t really get what the big deal was with kids watching tv. It was something I did daily as a child, and I’m fine. Then I watched a few shows and movies with the girls and I understood. Kids (and adults) completely zone out in front of the television. Although I upheld his rule before, I am now a firm supporter of limiting the amount of television the kids intake.

Creative Galaxy Epiphany craft from

I realize this is a strange way to open a blog post sponsored by a television show, but I’m hoping to illustrate how our family approaches tv watching. Of course we watch shows and movies purely for the entertainment value, but David and I try to choose quality television that has some substance. There are a few shows that we’re happy to have the girls watch because it sends a good message, and others that we have banned from our home because of the themes or language used. We are very open with the girls about why they are not allowed to watch certain shows, and I hope that will have some sort of positive impact on their lives. Whew. All that to say that I was nervous to accept a sponsorship from Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Creative Galaxy Epiphany craft from

I am happy to report that not only did Abby (6) and Katie (4) love the show, I did as well. Creative Galaxy is a show that you can watch streaming from your Amazon Prime account. It stars Arty and his sidekick Epiphany who “fix it with art” in each episode. Arty draws his spaceship and Epiphany does her magic to make it come to life so they can fly through the galaxy collecting all the supplies they need for their art project. Abby and Katie both got really into the show and it’s interactive nature. Any time Arty would ask a question, the girls would answer him, and after each episode they wanted to do the craft that Arty and Epiphany had done in the show. Creative Galaxy is a show that David and I are happy to have the girls watch, as it fosters creativity and helps get them excited about art.

Creative Galaxy Epiphany craft from

We made papier mache bowls after seeing Arty use papier mache to make treat bags for a birthday party. In another episode, he made a pop-up book, and Abby immediately got out the art supplies and made her own pop-up book all on her own. Arty feels grumpy in one episode and draws how he is feeling. Katie thought that was a good idea, and has drawn her feelings a few times since then. I even helped her to get out of a grumpy mood by asking if she wanted to draw her grumpy face. We were able to turn her grumpy mood into an art project and get her mind into a happier place. I never thought I would learn a trick to deal with kids from a children’s television show!

Creative Galaxy Epiphany craft from

Epiphany is Arty’s little sidekick who is a purple creature that is magical. She uses her magic to make Arty’s spaceship drawing come to life, and she sometimes changes into different shapes and objects in the show. I think Epiphany is just the cutest little thing so I wanted to make my own Epiphany craft to keep at home. You can use felt, yarn, and a yarn needle to make this a craft that even the smallest hands can manage. You can find all the materials for this craft at any craft store or online. I used an awl to poke holes in the felt so that the girls could sew it together. You can also use a very sharp, aka brand new, hole punch, an x-acto knife, or seam ripper to make the holes.

Check out Abby’s pop-up book! Then scroll down for the step-by-step directions to make your own Epiphany craft at home.

Creative Galaxy Epiphany craft from

Supplies for 1 Epiphany:
Epiphany Stencil PDF
2 colors of felt
10-11 yards of yarn
1 6-inch chenille stem
2 googly eyes
fiberfill or other soft stuffing
craft or hot glue
awl or other tool to poke holes

1. Use the Epiphany craft stencil to cut out of felt 2 body pieces, 2 ear pieces, and 8-10 dots. In the show, Epiphany is light purple with dark purple spots, but you can make your doll any colors you want.

2. Place the two body pieces together, and use an awl or other sharp tool to poke holes all around the edges.

3. Use 1-2 yards of yarn to sew around the edges of the body, using the holes you made as a guide. You can do a whip stitch or a straight stitch. Use plastic yarn needles to make the sewing easier. Alternatively, wrap tape around one end of the yarn instead of a needle.

4. Leave a small opening, stuff the doll, and then continue sewing to close the doll. Tie the yarn in a small knot on the back of the doll.

5. Wrap the remaining 8-10 yards of yarn around your hand at the base of your fingers. Carefully slip it off your fingers, and wrap the chenille stem around the middle to secure. Use scissors to cut the looped ends of the yarn and then use your fingers to fluff it out into a spherical shape.

6. Place the chenille stem through the opening in the Epiphany head, with the yarn ball at the top.

7. Glue the googly eyes and polka dots onto Epiphany.

Creative Galaxy Epiphany Craft tutorial from

Epiphany stencil created by Daisy at home, and perfected for printable use by Elyse Anne Maria.

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