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The Giving Tree Dinner Menu

Our Family Dinner Book Club selection for the month of August is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Here you’ll find a menu that can be prepared with the help of your children, and will hopefully be a fun and interactive activity for the whole family. Head over to Growing Book by Book  for some talking points to get the conversation started. Then visit School For Boys  for a fun craft to decorate your dinner table. We invite you to share a picture from your dinner with us anytime during the month on our Family Dinner Book Club Facebook page.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a childhood treasure. I remember this being one of my absolute favorite books growing up, and I read it all the time. I thought it was so cool that one tree could provide so many things to a person that would last him his entire life. Reading this book made me want to go sit outside under a tree, be adventurous enough to swing from its branches, and bold enough to carve my initials into its trunk. I didn’t do any of those things as a child. I didn’t like sitting in grass because of the ants, I was too scared to climb a tree let alone swing from one, and I couldn’t break the rules to carve my initials into a tree. I was all those things in my imagination, though, and I think that counts for something. Imagination is a beautiful thing, and often the gateway to figuring out our passions.

Now, as a much more adventurous adult, I love sitting outside in the sun, or under the shade of a tree. I’m still not a huge fan of the ants crawling on me. I would climb a tree if I had the balance and dexterity to do so. I have climbed a few trees in my time, but I’m not a very skilled climber so that isn’t something I do often. I love being up in high places, and when we go to the playground, I always encourage the girls to climb and explore. It’s so fun to see them conquering their own fears and becoming adventurous at a much younger age than I did. So thank you, The Giving Tree, for fostering my imagination and helping with my appreciation of the trees around us, and nature in general.

The Giving Tree Dinner Menu
Apple Pistachio Salad with Honey Orange Vinaigrette
Breadsticks with Green Pesto for dipping
Zucchini Boats with Sausage Sugo
Apple Pie

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