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How To Graze a Cheese Display

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How to Graze a Cheese Display from

Maybe you aren’t the type to host your own party and build a cheese display, but rather the guest who shows up to eat! When I’m not the host, my role certainly switches to eater. Don’t be surprised if you invite me to your party and I just stand near the food all night. Maybe you’re new to this fabulous world of cheese and you just don’t know where to begin. Well you have come to the right place because I will now teach you how to graze a cheese display. This page contains a few flavor combinations to try the next time you’re faced with a cheese display to eat from, and you have no idea where to start. Use these ideas as your launchpad to enjoying the wonderful world of cheeses and parties. Or, if you’re the host and you don’t want to set up an entire cheese display, consider making one or two of these as their own little appetizers.

How to Graze a Cheese Display from

How to Graze a Cheese Display from

Something to keep in mind: Food is more interesting when you have a combination of flavors and textures. Balance sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy, for an all around delicious bite of food that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

How to Graze a Cheese Display from

If you don’t encounter a cheese display that contains the ingredients below, that is okay! Grab a plate, serve yourself a dab of this, a wedge of that, and try combining a cheese with a honey and a cracker. A baguette slice with a different cheese and some dried fruit. Serve yourself at least one bite of something you’re unsure about. Taste it, then taste it again dipped in honey or topped with a dried cranberry. The combinations are endless! Have fun at all your holiday parties this year!

How to Graze a Cheese Display from

Seeded cracker topped with fresh cherve (goat cheese), dried cranberries and salted pistachios.

Crostini (toasted baguette slice) topped with fig jam, and Dubliner cheese.

Pear slice topped with salumi, blue cheese and marcona almonds. Gluten free!

Baguette slice, brie (truffle brie is amazing if you can find it), green apple, drizzled with honey.
How to Graze a Cheese Display from

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