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Sparkling Mangoberry


I feel like I could end this blog post right there and we’d all be on the same page emotionally. Then we would all retire together to the living room to share some beautiful summer cocktails… or mocktails.

I sit in traffic a few times a week and sometimes I cry. Sometimes it takes me 2 hours to get home, and by then all I want is to sink into the couch, zone out to the television, and have dinner magically appear in front of me. On these days, dinner sometimes consists of a big bowl of popcorn, or a chocolate bar, or ice cream, or pizza. Oh pizza. So easy to order, gets delivered to me in my jammies, and lasts for three days. This is real life, guys.

The only good thing about sitting in traffic is that it often becomes thinking and imagining time. I try to get myself out of the bad mood that traffic causes by thinking about what I’ll make for dinner that night. If I can start a craving then maybe by the time I get home I’ll be excited to cook.

That plan doesn’t always work out, but I do think of recipes while sitting on The Five South between Los Angeles and Orange County, or I-5 South for all you people who don’t live in Southern California. Why is it that Southern Californians name all our freeways “The”? Other states, even Northern California (which could be a state all it’s own), don’t add the “the”. What’s up with that other states? Huh? Well anyway, that’s a question for another time. Obviously a quite important one (!)

So. Sitting on The 5, I imagine what delectable fare I will consume in two hours, if I ever make it home. With so much sweet summer fruit at my fingertips I thought I’d combine two of my favorites. Strawberries and mangoes. Since I often need a bit of excitement to come home to, I added this combination to a chilled glass of sparking water. A sparkling beverage adds a bit of class and celebration to any occasion, don’t you think? So this is my, “Welcome home, Self. We’re so glad you made it out of traffic!” celebration beverage for this summer.

Serve this chilled Sparkling Summer Celebration in a Glass for your next dinner party, backyard barbecue, or just any day you need a little more excitement in your life. I like to feel all fancy and serve this to myself in a champagne glass, but you could just as easily make a big ole batch in your favorite pitcher to serve a crowd.

I would like to take this time to apologize to anyone who was teased by the word “Sparkling” in the title. You might have come here thinking that this Sparkling Mangoberry would be some sort of fancy, alchohol-laden cocktail. It is not. This is a drink the whole family can enjoy. However! You certainly can add some champagne, vodka or tequila to your glass instead of the sparkling water. Make it a Strawberry Mangorita, or a Strawberry Mangotini instead. You’re welcome.

Sparkling Mangoberry


  • 1 cup chopped strawberries
  • 1/2 cup chopped mangoes
  • 1 tablespoon honey or simple syrup
  • 2 liters sparkling water (or a bottle of champagne)


  1. Place the strawberries, mangoes, and honey in a blender and pulse until smooth.
  2. Pour the mixture into a large pitcher and top with the sparkling water or champagne. Stir to combine if necessary.
  3. To make individual servings, pour 2 tablespoons of the strawberry mixture into a serving glass and top with sparkling water.
  4. Serve chilled or over ice.

5 thoughts on “Sparkling Mangoberry”

  1. Great read! And as I sit in the car with my youngest (1.5yo) waiting for my oldest (3yo) to finish gymnastics summer camp 🙂 I am dreaming of this beverage! The champagne sounds amazing! But being that I am pregnant (again!) ill have to thoroughly enjoy the sparkling h2o version until next summer 🙂 thanks for the healthy and inspiring beverage option! Ps : traffic sucks.

  2. Oh my word, your commute sounds dreadful. But I really admire that you try to find positive ways to use the time. And you manage to welcome yourself home with non-junk food. I find delivery food so tempting on busy nights but usually regret it afterwards. Ugh.


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