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Elephant and Piggie Party

About a year ago I got to hang out with a bunch of little kids and read them stories. I must have read twenty books to this group of three kids that turned into a group of seven. Just start animatedly reading stories, the children will flock to you, and you’ll have a group of new best friends. Kids are great, aren’t they? We were sitting in a little library at a school with bookshelves surrounding us, each child sat intently listening to the stores I read while clutching their own pile of books to add to the line up.

Somewhere in this mix of books was We Are In A Book by Mo Willems, An Elephant and Piggie Book. I laughed hysterically while reading and ended up reading this book three times. I immediately became a Mo Willems fan, and later gave a copy to three of my favorite little people for Christmas. The kids have grown to love Elephant and Piggie (and Pigeon and Duckling). If you haven’t read any Mo Willems books you should definitely check them out.

When birthday season came around this year for my friends’ kids I was eager to throw an Elephant and Piggie party. Now, I’m not one for trickery, but I can sometimes be persuasive with kids. So I offered several theme ideas to one birthday girl, and much to my overwhelming joy she liked the idea of an Elephant and Piggie Party! Don’t worry, there was no forcing this precious soon-to-be-three-year-old. I offered several theme ideas, and even confirmed for several days in a row that she did in fact want an Elephant and Piggie party.

Since this was a book-themed party, it only made sense to have a library available for reading. We went to the local library and checked out every Mo Willems book available. This became a three-week process, but it was well worth it to be able to showcase these fabulous books. Next to the library was a coloring table so kids could take home their own photo of Elephant and Piggie, Pigeon or Duckling.

For a full list of Mo Willems books and how to purchase them, click here. My favorites are We Are in a Book, Should I Share My Ice Cream?, and Duckling Gets a Cookie!? These books are not only fun and easy to read, but they are full of silly stories that turn out to have great lessons for kids. This is quality children’s literature.

Once again, my very talented fried, Elyse, helped me out with this party. Not only was she instrumental in the planning and set up, but she made this adorable cut out board so all the kids could have their turn to be Elephant and Piggie. We got an elephant nose and glasses and a piggie nose so the kids could go the extra step in dressing up if they wanted to. Of course I had to join in the fun with the cutest little boy in the world!

14 thoughts on “Elephant and Piggie Party”

  1. Hello. I am very interested in throwing a Elephant & Piggie Party! I just had a quick question because I would like to have a cardboard cutout or foamboard of Elephant & Piggie and have called around various places-Would you mind telling me how you were able to get such a wonderful cutout of Elephant & Piggie?

    Thank you Christine

    • Hi Christine, You’ll have so much fun with your Elephant and Piggie party! My very talented friend, Elyse, made the cutout board for me. Here is a link to her website so you can see more of her work. You can also email me Sarah @ Daisy At Home .com and I can get you a quote if you’d like to order one. 🙂


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