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Fairy Ballerina Party

Fairy Ballerina Birthday Party from

I recently shared with you a Ballerina Party that was full of pink and tutus. This Birthday Girl wanted a ballerina party, but Mom wanted a fairy party. So we combined the two. The very talented Elyse created a Fairy Ballerina character to grace the invitations and pop up here and there throughout the party. Mama to the Birthday Girl also requested a candy buffet, which is probably one of my favorite things to set up, and it makes for an easy and fun party favor. We still did favor bags, of course, with toys and glittery nail polish, but the candy buffet sort of replaces both the typical piñata and the favor bag.

Fairy Ballerina Birthday Party from

I think my favorite part of this party was the main activity. Each party guest got their own set of fairy wings! In the form of tshirts with fairy wings printed on the back, each guest got to decorate their own with paint pens (of course there were glitter pens, too). The kids became so focused on their creations and were just so darn cute I think my camera was filled mostly with kids painting.

Fairy Ballerina Birthday Party from

This party was egg-free due to an allergy so I got a great lesson in reading all nutrition labels to make sure nothing had any trace of egg in it. Apparently some of those little sprinkles you get for cake decorating list some sort of egg powder as an ingredient! So I really had to make sure nothing at all that I used contained egg. I’ve been reading nutrition and ingredients labels for several years now in an attempt to figure out what is really going into my body, but I don’t usually need to avoid certain foods, so this was a fun test.

Fairy Ballerina Birthday Party from

I researched egg-free cake recipes, tested several, and came up with one that I think might be worthy of sharing sometime soon. I feel I still need to test it to really make sure I like it. I’m also interested in learning the science behind the ingredients used before sharing my top secret recipe! Just kidding, it is far from top secret. I took elements from several recipes I found and combined them to make an acceptable cake. The first one I tested came out very dense and not a very fun texture for cupcakes. The second one came out very moist, almost wet, and wasn’t the most appealing texture. The final egg-free cake recipe I made for this party came out lighter and fluffier and was the closest I’ve gotten so far to a typical birthday cupcake.

Fairy Ballerina Birthday Party from

I could not have pulled off this party without the help of my amazing friend, Elyse Anne Maria. She is the creator of all things cute and pretty for every party I throw. She helps with all the preparation and planning, as well as the set up and decoration. She is seriously awesome and super talented! All the invitations, food labels, and signage you see in these parties were created by her!

Fairy Ballerina Party
theme colors: pink, purple, green
Fairy Fruit Wands
Ballerina Bites
Fairy Toadstools
Pirouette Pinwheels
Fairy Tea Sandwiches
Arabesque Sparkle drink
Purple Plie Punch

Candy Buffet
Purple Swirl Pops
Pink Stripe Candy Sticks
Green Jelly Bellies
Green and Purple Rock Candy
Pink, Purple and Green M&Ms
Pink, Purple and Green Gumballs

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  1. This party was really fun. I loved the cupcakes, if you hadn’t told me they didn’t have eggs I wouldn’t have realized they were a special recipe.

    The activity looked really fun, even though I didn’t get to paint my own fairy shirt :

    I like the photos of the sandwiches and the candy, cutting the sandwiches into cool shapes was a good idea. I think the bottles were my favorite, I liked the paper lids. They looked very cool and the kids enjoyed them.

  2. Good job! Adorable, as always. Makes me want to plan a party with you and your designer, Elyse, and pay you Ladies to put it together and throw it for me! Geez, I haven’t given one for 20yrs, I’m overdue. LOL


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